Podcast: Introducing Ryan Dillahay – FretDojo’s New Community Manager

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Join hosts Greg and Vin as they welcome Ryan Dillahay to the Fret Dojo team and for a one-of-a-kind look into the world of a working jazz guitarist.

In this exclusive interview, Ryan pulls back the curtain on his evolution from blues to jazz. You’ll hear how this recent college grad and student of one of the most highly regarded jazz guitarists and educators in the country, made the leap into full-time musicianship and hustling gigs across town.

Ryan shares the highs and lows of making it as a working player, with valuable lessons for any aspiring jazz guitarist. Hear his tips on developing chops, growing your sound and getting those breakout gigs, as well as his plans to bring his fresh and fun approach to learning jazz guitar to Fret Dojo!


Key Takeaways:

  • Hear what it was like to study with University of North Florida acclaimed educator and performing artist Barry Greene.
  • Learn the daily routine of a working jazz guitarist as Ryan talks about teaching, networking, gigging and other tasks that fill up the day of a typical working jazz guitarist.
  • Hear about the influence jazz greats like George Benson and Pat Martino had on his learning journey and playing style to this day.
  • Ryan recalls subbing last-minute with unknown band and how that taught him the importance of preparation and building an ever expanding repertoire
  • In his role as Community Manager, Ryan is excited to engage FretDojo members through jazz guitar lessons and fun challenges that both educate and ignite a passion for learning to play like the greats!


What was your journey to learning jazz guitar like? Have you played another style for years and now wanting to learn jazz or are you brand new to guitar? Leave your comments below!

Audio Version:

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Here’s what you get when you join up:

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