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From technique to improvisation and learning jazz standards – You’ve got a complete set of classes for mastering jazz guitar on this website! FretDojo’s innovative, student focused approach to teaching jazz guitar has redefined the world of online jazz guitar education.

Our Courses:

Fundamentals Course Image

Fundamentals of Jazz Guitar Improvisation

The first ever A – Z guide to building a rock solid foundation for your jazz guitar improvisation skills!

The Fundamentals of Jazz Guitar Improvisation,  is a revolutionary step-by-step 10 week program in which you’ll learn how to improvise confidently and musically over five classic jazz standards – which feature the most common chord progressions of the jazz language.

Check out the Fundamentals course here >>

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Fast Lane: The Total Technique Roadmap For Guitar

Double Your Top Speed, Command Your Coordination, and Walk The Path to Effortless Guitar Mastery with the revolutionary online course!

The Fast Lane has been designed from the ground up to give you the essential exercises and approaches for quickly supercharging your technical skills on the guitar so you can finally unlock your musical potential.

Check out the Fast Lane course here >>

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The 30-Day Jazz Guitar Challenge

Establish a foundation for your jazz guitar skills in this fun 30-day course – so you can immediately start improvising creative, cool sounding solos, and master the essential jazz chords for any situation on the bandstand!

Whether you’ve only been playing guitar for a few months or you’ve been playing for a while but have never ‘cracked the jazz nut’, the 30-Day Jazz Guitar Challenge covers the exact skills you need to quickly move on the path to mastering jazz guitar.

Check out the 30-Day Jazz Guitar Challenge here >>

30 Day Challenge Image

Chord Melody Foundations

Imagine being able to play impressive chord melody arrangements on guitar that you have created!

Chord Melody Foundations is a 6-week step-by-step course in which you’ll discover the secrets to creating great sounding, playable chord melody arrangements for jazz guitar. This course will show you everything you need to get started with your first arranging project.

Check out Chord Melody Foundations here >>

30 Day Challenge Image

The FretDojo Academy Membership

Build Your Set List and Jazz Guitar Skills – One Jazz Standard At A Time!

The FretDojo Academy Membership is a step by step program to learning to play and improvise over well known jazz standards. Throughout the year, Greg O’Rourke releases an end to end series of lessons on a classic jazz standard, so you can build your set list, play chord melody arrangements, and expand your improvisation vocabulary along the way – all the while alongside a amazing international community of passionate jazz guitarists.

Check out the FretDojo Academy Membership here >>

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