Podcast: Using Guitar Picks for Jazz – Tips and Techniques

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 There’s no doubt about it:

Choosing the right picking style is one of the mostly hotly debated topics in jazz guitar.

Tune in today where we’ll have an in-depth discussion on the different picking approaches for jazz guitar and our recommendations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fingerstyle and picks are both valid and important techniques for jazz guitarists.
  • Heavier, stiffer picks are common in jazz, providing more control and a warm tone.
  • Picking location along the strings affects tone, with playing near the bridge sounding brighter and near the neck warmer.
  • Guitar and amp settings have the biggest impact on electric tone, while right hand technique and nail shape affect acoustic fingerstyle guitar.
  • Picks may help build speed faster on single note runs for beginners, but fingerstyle can also reach advanced speeds with practice.
  • The choice between fingerstyle and picks depends on musical goals – fingerstyle suits chord melodies and multiple voices, while picks excel at fast single-note lines.
  • Other picking options like hybrid picking, thumb picks, or tucking a pick provide versatility.
  • There is no universally superior choice between fingerstyle and picks for jazz guitar – it depends on each guitarist’s musical goals and personal expression
  • Experimentation is key to finding the ideal picking approach.

Audio Version:

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