Podcast: Interview with Jazz Guitarist and Educator Rodney Jones

In this episode of the Fret Dojo podcast, Ryan and Vin had the great privilege of talking to the legendary jazz guitarist and educator at The Julliard School of Music and the Manhattan School of Music, Professor Rodney Jones.

Rodney has played with a who’s who of the music world, from Dizzy Gillespie to James Brown and has an amazing wealth of tips, lessons to inform and inspire any student of the guitar.

Audio Version:

Key Lessons and Tips for Students:

  • On playing with greats like Dizzy – Make the bandleader comfortable; it’s not about flashy solos.
  • Getting session/TV gigs – Be a great reader; know different styles convincingly.
  • Mindset – Get inspired by greatness; uplift each other.
  • Practice – Apply what you learn to real tunes and playing.
  • Audition tips – Play blues with feeling; connect to your heart.
  • On improvement – Invest fully in yourself and your excellence.
  • Teachers – Absorb from those with real performing experience.

 Where to find out more:

The Infinity of Things
Rodney on Bandcamp: https://rodneyjones.bandcamp.com/album/the-infinity-of-things-2

Rodney’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@Soulmanifesto

Rodney’s Instructional Book ‘Hip Guitar Lines’ on Mel Bay: Rodney on Mel Bay

What are your thoughts?

What stood out or gave you something to think about (there’s a lot here!)?

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