Podcast: Interview with Jazz Guitarist Jimmy Bruno

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Vin and Ryan had the chance to chat with Jimmy Bruno, one of the USA’s foremost jazz guitar performers and educators.

Listen in as Jimmy gives his unique tips on learning the guitar fretboard, gives a behind-the-scenes look at the making of some of his most popular recordings and his experiences meeting and playing with Frank Sinatra!


Key Takeaways:

  • His professional career started at age 19 when he joined the Buddy Rich Orchestra and toured internationally. He later played with Frank Sinatra, Doc Severinsen, and was an in-demand LA session musician.

  • He returned to focus on jazz guitar and has recorded over 13 acclaimed albums. He’s shared the stage with legends like Tal Farlow and Howard Alden.

  • Concord Records helped launch his solo career by releasing his albums. The label also recorded other iconic jazz guitarists which introduced Jimmy’s playing to more fans.

  • He discussed his approach to teaching improvisation, focusing on developing the ear first rather than scales/modes. He advocates learning melodies by ear rather than from sheet music.

  • His advice for new jazz guitarists is to learn simpler melodies first, like Miles Davis on Kind of Blue and to learn tunes turn to soloists like Frank Sinatra who sing melodies very cleanly.

  • He aims to simplify improvisation on guitar by teaching consistent fingerings across chord changes. This builds associations between finger positions and scale degrees.

  • Now in his 70s, he still performs but is selective, focusing on teaching and composing. He enjoys collaborating with longtime friends like Frank Vignola.


What are your favorite tracks or albums by Jimmy Bruno? Leave your comments below!

Audio Version:

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