“Step-By-Step Video Courses To Help You Become A More Confident, Empowered

Jazz Guitar Player.”

~ Greg O’Rourke, Founder, FretDojo.com


“Step-By-Step Video Courses To Help You Become A More Confident, Empowered

Jazz Guitar Player.”

~ Greg O’Rourke, Founder, FretDojo.com

Jazz Guitar Lessons

Get your complete Starter Guide to becoming confident as a jazz guitarist. With FretDojo’s simple
5 Step Blueprint, any guitarist can begin developing impressive improvisation skills today.

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Chord Melody Guitar

Playing chord melody guitar isn’t out of reach for any guitarist. FretDojo’s Quick Start Guide for learning chord melody brings together the 3 ‘Ingredients’ you need to get the fretboard cooking immediately.

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Guitar Exercises

End your technique struggle with the power of the Technique Triangle. Learn how to get the maximum benefit out of any guitar exercise and see dramatic improvement with your speed and accuracy on guitar now.

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Jazz Guitar Books
jazz guitar books mobile
Greg O'Rourke - Jazz Guitar Lessons

– Greg O’Rourke, Founder of FretDojo

FretDojo is the premiere online learning platform to take your jazz guitar playing to the next level. Trusted by thousands of students worldwide, our innovative approach to online jazz guitar education has been met with international acclaim.

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See What FretDojo’s Students Have To Say:

“About 2 and half years ago I got interested in jazz guitar, a totally new experience. For those 2 years I downloaded a mountain of stuff from the internet (free and purchased)… and I struggled away without any clear direction, until I discovered Greg and Fret Dojo. The difference has been amazing!”

– Alan Voss, Queensland, Australia

“The main thing I have gotten out of the Fret Dojo, is that it has given me the confidence to go out and find a piano player, and a bass player who plays jazz. And now, we’ve worked up a set list of 11 songs, including bebop and standards, and are about to start gigging… which I don’t think I would have done that without the help of this.”

– Mike Bryant, UK

“I had a lot of questions and issues with my jazz guitar improvisation. I was losing my place where I shouldn’t have been, and I was looking for something to close that gap. Greg does a wonderful job of teaching, he is very patient and very clear minded and clear with his lessons, they are very easy to follow. I think you’ll enjoy it!”

~ Mark Bauer, USA

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Learn jazz guitar with FretDojo Academy
How to play jazz guitar fretdojo academy

Our Online Guitar Programs:

Jazz Guitar Lessons and Courses:

Ever wanted to learn how to play jazz guitar but had no idea where to start? You’ve come to the right place – FretDojo is THE place on the internet to establish the foundations for learning jazz on guitar. Through our deep dive online jazz guitar courses as well as our highly popular membership program, you’ll discover step-by-step instruction to building your improvisation skills, comping, jazz vocabulary and more from the ground up. Our programs cover key topics such as jazz guitar improvisation for beginners, developing a set list, building your soloing vocabulary, and how to develop rhythm and feel – a complete A-Z roadmap for you becoming a confident jazz guitarist and improviser.

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Chord Melody Guitar Lessons and Courses:

Chord melody is one of the most creative and satisfying ways to play guitar. Whether it’s creating solo jazz guitar arrangements of classic jazz standards, or playing a cool version of a pop song all on a single guitar, FretDojo can teach you what you need to know. Chord melody guitar is a widely misunderstood topic, but with a good stock of chord knowledge and how to apply it to the fretboard, any guitarist can make rich and intricate chord melody arrangements of songs you enjoy.

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Guitar Exercises – Supercharge Your Technique:

Does your guitar playing need a tune-up? FretDojo offers world class instruction on how to develop your guitar technique. If you’re looking to make your chord changing smoother, play with more accuracy, or build your guitar speed, we’ll show you the essential guitar exercises to give you the maximum “ROI” on your practice. Whether you play guitar with a pick or fingers, our complete guides will show you how to develop your guitar technique to a pro level – so you can tackle ANY musical situation.

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Greg O'Rourke - BMus (Hons), ANU

Greg O'Rourke - BMus (Hons), ANU

Professional Jazz Guitarist, and Founder of FretDojo.com


Award winning Australian guitarist Greg O’Rourke received his Bachelor Of Music Honours degree in 2006, and was a scholarship holder at the Australian National University School Of Music.

Originally a trained classical guitarist, Greg’s main speciality is now in jazz guitar. Greg’s versatile ability on the guitar is credit to several teachers he has studied with over the years, including Mike Price and Don Andrews, well known performers and teachers in the Australian jazz guitar scene. Greg also undertook extensive study with Tim Kain, one of Australia’s leading classical guitar performers and teachers.

Greg has given prizewinning performances at the Australian National University Chamber Music Competition, and was awarded 1st prize in the Chamber Music division of the 2004 Australian International Guitar Competition.

Greg has many thousands of subscribers to his website and Youtube channel from all across the world, and is also an established author, with his book on jazz chord melody, The Easy Guide To Chord Melody Guitar becoming an international bestseller. He has been featured on several high profile jazz guitar websites including Jazz Guitar Online, Fundamental Changes, and Takelessons.

Greg O’Rourke plays the guitar with a beautiful touch and tone. He effortlessly brings out and enhances harmonic movement and counter-lines in his playing, while keeping clear melodic lines in the forefront. Using his considerable fingerstyle technique he creates personal renditions of classic jazz standards. Definitely someone to watch and listen to closely!

Howard Alden

Internationally Acclaimed Jazz Guitarist, howardalden.com

Latest Posts:

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ULTIMATE Fingerstyle Guitar Exercises for All Guitar Styles

ULTIMATE Fingerstyle Guitar Exercises for All Guitar Styles

GET THE PDF FOR THIS LESSON HERE: https://www.fretdojo.com/pdf

In this episode I’m going to show you the ultimate fast path to building fingerstyle guitar technique with these three handy fingerpicking exercises for guitar. These 3 simple fingerstyle guitar exercises will quickly enable to develop your fingerpicking accuracy and speed on guitar, regardless of what style of guitar you like to play! Whether you like to play jazz, rock, pop, classical or country, you’ll find this lesson useful. I’ll also show you the core principles of good fingertstyle technique to set you up for success and so you avoid injuries when it comes to fingerstyle guitar.

Thanks for watching and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below this video.


Greg O’Rourke

Founder, FretDojo

World Leader in Online Guitar Education


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Free Sample Lesson: Mind Expanding Triad Trip with Ant Law

Free Sample Lesson: Mind Expanding Triad Trip with Ant Law

Explore exciting new creative dimensions of harmony and improvisation techniques through the magic of triads. Presented by acclaimed UK based jazz guitarist Ant Law who recently featured as a special guest on the FretDojo Youtube channel.

This lesson is the first video from our course series ‘Mind Expanding Triad Trip with Ant Law’ which was recently released in the FretDojo Jazz Guitar Academy. To find out more about the Academy and to sign up to get instant access click here. https://www.fretdojo.com/signup-offer

► Get your FREE PDF Worksheet for this lesson here: https://www.fretdojo.com/pdf/

► Become a FretDojo Patreon here: https: https://www.patreon.com/fretdojo

Greg O’Rourke
Founder, FretDojo
Innovation in Online Jazz Guitar Education

*For more guitar lessons, tips and FREE stuff visit http://www.fretdojo.com

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Jeremy Sawkins – The Harmonic Adventurer

Jeremy Sawkins – The Harmonic Adventurer

In today’s episode, Carl Orr has the pleasure of interviewing Sydney-based guitarist, Jeremy Sawkins.

Jeremy has been an active member of the Australian jazz community since the early 1980’s. As well as being a composer/bandleader, Jeremy has shared the stage and recording studios with many notable musicians. Having performed all around Australia, he has also performed in Europe and Asia. 

After graduating from the N.S.W. Conservatorium of Music in 1984 (with an Associate Diploma of Jazz Studies), Jeremy joined his former teacher, Dr Roger Frampton (late) in the band ‘Intersection’. The band performed in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. They recorded one album, independently released by Frampton – ‘A breath of fresh air’. 

Since then Jeremy has led many of his own groups, his current being ‘Jazz Organism’, the Jeremy Sawkins Trio and Quartet. All groups have had many performance opportunities in Sydney (and Ireland) since 2003.

Jeremy has been with Miroslav Bukovsky’s (A.R.I.A. award winning jazz/world music) group ‘Wanderlust’ since 1996. He has toured Europe twice with the group (1997-98) performing at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival and the JVC Jazz Festival in Rome (to name a few). In 1999 the group toured China and Japan, performing at the Beijing and Shanghai International Jazz Festivals and the Sweet Basil Jazz Club in Tokyo. 

You’ll really get to know Jeremy and his love of music in this episode. He shares a couple of great tracks and demonstrates some great reharmonization and substitution techniques used in his music.

If you want to join my online jazz guitar academy with a complete pathway of step-by-step courses to improve your jazz playing, take a look by clicking here: https://www.fretdojo.com/signup-offer/

Here’s some ways you can develop your jazz guitar playing:

For jazz guitar beginners: Check out my 30-Day Jazz Guitar Challenge: https://www.fretdojo.com/30-day-jazz-guitar-challenge/

For my complete collection of courses for a low monthly fee, go to this link: https://www.fretdojo.com/signup-offer/

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