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fingerstyle jazz guitar

Welcome to Fret Dojo: Jazz Guitar Lessons from the Pros.

fingerstyle-jazz-guitar-greg-orourkeHi, I’m Greg O’Rourke. Great to have you here!

This site is all about helping you develop your jazz guitar skills, so you can remove what’s holding you back in your playing and become the jazz guitarist you want to be.

Read more on what this site’s about here, and enjoy browsing the collection of free jazz guitar lessons and articles – the latest posts are below. 

You can now learn with me online, one to one! Click here to find out more.

Latest Lessons and Articles:

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World #1 guitar virtuoso – in only 30 minutes a day

  Check out this video: This is some incredible solo guitar playing by the great John Williams, for a long time the undisputed world #1 when it came to classical guitar. Now, let me tell you a little...

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FretDojo’s sensei brings out the bamboo stick

  Martin M. added this comment on my Youtube channel recently: "All the picking speed or fretting hand dexterity in the world will not correlate to "great playing" if the player either has no true talent, ear for melodic vocal construction, sense of rhythm or a...

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