Podcast: Interview with Jazz Guitarist and Educator Rotem Sivan

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Fret Dojo instructors Greg O’Rourke and Ryan Dillahay sat down with one of the guitar’s leading performers and instructors, Rotem Sivan, just a few weeks before his new release in Jan 2024!


Key Highlights:

  • Rotem has an eclectic musical background, studying classical composition and guitar as well as jazz
  • He was immersed in high-level classical music from a young age which inspired him to learn more deeply
  • Moving to New York and attending music school there was a shock that pushed him to study and improve more
  • Key tips for jazz guitar practice: learn songs deeply, understand melody/chords relationship, sing melodies, start simple then dive deeper into changes
  • Improvisation tips: see the fretboard clearly, know chord tones, feel the rhythm, transcribe masters like Wes Montgomery
  • Gear setup: uses a hollow body archtop guitar with blending pickup, mic and piezo for wide range of sounds
  • Recommends finding a teacher or mentor to guide you rather than just using books/YouTube
  • As a teacher, focuses on fundamentals like a language – simple pieces that clarify musical relationships


Where to find out more:

Rotem’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@RotemSivanGuitar

Rotem on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rotemsivanguitar/

Rotem’s Website: https://www.rotemsivan.com



What are your thoughts?
What stood out or gave you something to think about (there’s a lot here!)?


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Audio Version:

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