Free Sample Lesson: Charlie Parker Ornaments

Welcome to this month’s free sample lesson from the FretDojo Academy where I’ll show you how to apply some cool Charlie Parker style ornaments to standard arpeggios.

Saxophonist Charlie Parker is considered to be the father of bebop, who has been a key influence of countless jazz players of all instruments ever since.​​

This lesson is part of a series on the classic Charlie Parker tune “Yardbird Suite” which was recently released in the FretDojo Jazz Guitar Academy. To find out more about the Academy and to sign up to get instant access click here.

Video Sections:

00:00 Introduction
01:19 Ornament #1
05:28 Ornament #2
07:31 Combining ornaments

Watch the video above and experiment applying the embellishments you learn to your own soloing and licks.

Note: About Band In A Box 

I’ve provided in the ‘Backing Track Collection’ zip file a Band in a Box file. This is excellent software for your jazz practice as it can speed up or slow down the track to any desired tempo, change the key, style, and even generate a solo for you to play along with. It’s an excellent tool for any jazz student and I highly recommend this. Get it for Mac here or for Windows here.

Enjoy this lesson? Get access to the full Yardbird Suite lesson series (and hundreds of other lessons) by signing up to the FretDojo Academy here>>

3 thoughts on “Free Sample Lesson: Charlie Parker Ornaments”

  1. Thanks Greg, this is great and useful stuff! I’m in the 30 day jazz challenge right now, hope to join these lessons soon!

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