Video: After You’ve Gone

by | Mar 12, 2019 | Performance Videos | 21 comments

I thought it would be nice to play you a chord melody arrangement of After You’ve Gone, a beautiful jazz standard that works really well for solo guitar.

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Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

Leave a comment below with your ideas and thoughts on this topic…

Greg O’Rourke
Founder, FretDojo
World Leader in Online Jazz Guitar Education


  1. Benjamin Warner

    That was a truly incredible arrangement and performance! It’s nice to see you play after hearing your podcast for a few months. I just signed up for the 30Day Chord Melody challenge. This was quite inspiring.


    • Greg O'Rourke

      Thanks so much for your kind feedback Ben – and great to hear you’ve signed up for the Chord Melody Challenge!

      Cheers, Greg

      • Rob Smith

        Very nice however you’re only playing the chorus & the preceding part is lovely & hardly anyone plays it

  2. Jan Arne Hansen

    An excellent performance Greg

    • Thomas Ewart

      Fabulous arrangement and such smooth playing. So great that you take the time and make the effort to teach us too.

  3. Joseph

    Hey Greg that is a wonderful performance and arrangement!

    • Rob

      Really beautiful arrangement and performance. One of my favourite songs too.

  4. Alvaro

    Boa tarde, ótimo arranjo,

  5. Joel Weiner

    Very, very nice.

  6. Doug Venten

    Awesome Greg it is my desire to play a solo like that one day cheers Doug

  7. Eric

    Beautiful arrangement – masterfully played!!

    • Colin Gardiner

      Very nice Greg. Beautifully played and lovely arrangement. Enjoyed it

  8. Stuart

    Just listened and found it brilliant to just look and hear how easy it looks. Thanks for sharing and being an example .

  9. Mike Potter

    Well done. That’s always been my favorite song to play along with.

  10. Rick Hindman

    Wow, wish I could play like that. Tasty to the last drop.

    • Willie

      Just great!!! Everything I like about solo jazz guitar was there nice harmonies single note fills and chord soloing.

  11. frank


  12. Benton


  13. Jeff Benton

    So expressive. Beautifully played.

  14. Chris Herrmann

    Nice to listen to this and see you enjoy playing it too, Greg!

  15. Max

    Fabulous. All that is missing is the big applause at the end. You are a master.


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