Jazz Guitar Comping Lesson – 4 Cool Steps To Sound Like Ed Bickert

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Jazz Guitar Lessons | 4 comments

Want to learn how to do jazz guitar comping like Ed Bickert? In this deep dive Youtube lesson, I share with you the 4 essential things you need to do to sound like him, which will supercharge your rhythm section chops (the lesson comes with PDF and audios of the examples played + backing tracks for practice – see the link above to get access).

By the way, I recently released an in-depth course on the secrets of Ed Bickert’s jazz guitar comping approaches, so you can learn the fast path to sounding just like Bickert on the bandstand.

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It’s got a huge collection of lessons on the site and features many courses focussed around learning classic jazz standards (melody, comping, soloing, chord melody and more).

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  1. Jerry Battista


    Thank you for highlighting Ed’s guitar style. As a Canadian, I am proud of the attention he now merits. As a fairly advanced amateur player, I struggle to match up to his comping genius with my Telecaster. There is no single source of information on his unique melodic comping and the world awaits a consoldated reference book. The analysis of his work is scattered on the internet, including videos of his actual playing. A Bickert guitar “method” should be published.

  2. cass Weller

    Chord phrase #3 is especially useful.
    It fits over measures 9-12 of “I’m Old Fashioned” beautifully

  3. martin roberts

    Thanks for the video and downloads.

    It’s a cool turn around but much easier if played further up the neck

  4. Tony Ansaldi


    I have been playing mainly acoustic off and on for a long time (I’m over 75).

    While I was always a jazz fan I never thought about playing it as it sounded too intricate. Finding you and your videos has given me some hope that in my later years I can actually play some jazz that will sound like jazz!! Thanks


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