Mistake #10: Trying to Figure Everything Out Yourself, Rather Than Getting a Teacher

A teacher is crucial to learning a complex skill like guitar playing and are the ultimate time saver for your practice time, for the following reasons:

  • They are a filter, giving you what you need to know at the right time. Avoids information overload
  • They are an authority: a teacher who is knowledgeable will simplify the learning process by providing correct information right from the get go
  • They give you accountability and a way to measure progress
  • They give valuable feedback and help adjust and improve your strategy
  • They give a clear path to improvement so you don’t need to endlessly wander around wondering if something is correct or not.

A good guitar teacher is the most valuable thing you can do for your music. And when you have found a good teacher, make sure you listen to and implement their advice.

This is what inspired me to build Fret Dojo, as I wanted to build a resource that has boiled down for you the most important points in developing the skills to become a great jazz guitarist. A website that provides the most essential tools you need to free that music inside you that you know is in there. A resource that gives you a clear path to getting better at your instrument, so that you enjoy your music more and then share it with others.

Connecting with others is what we need most in the world right now. And music is a wonderful way to do this.

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Well done! You did it – this concludes ‘How To Avoid The Top Ten Mistakes That Guitarists Make In Their Practice Session’. Thanks very much for reading this series. I sincerely hope you found this useful and you had some meaningful takeaways as a result. I wish you the very best in your guitar journey.

I’ll see you in the Dojo!

Greg O’Rourke

Founder, FretDojo

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