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This free Chord Melody eBook will teach you how to:

  • Choose a suitable tune for chord melody arranging
  • The one simple trick for choosing suitable chord voicing
  • Remember chord voicings easily
  • Analyse melody lines for suitable chord voicings
  • Arrange both for solo jazz guitar, as well as in a band context
  • Practice tips to make your chord melody playing easy to play on the hands

This eBook includes:

  • over 40 pages of instructions, chord diagrams, and example arrangements
  • Audio and video examples of exercises
  • Backing tracks to help with your practice

Example Video:



As my gift to you I’ll also send you these special bonuses:

  • my Guitar Practice Checklist so you get more results out of each and every practice session, AND
  • my 10 part guide: How to Avoid The Top Ten Mistakes Guitarists Make in Their Practice Session.

Learning how to play chord melody guitar can seem frustrating and difficult, but with this free resource you’ll develop the skills you need for chord melody playing quickly and easily.

Most importantly, the exercises in this free ebook are fun and stress-free.

Plus, they’ll allow you to learn at your own pace and see tangible progress in the practice room.

Well…what are you waiting for? Download your free copy right now!

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