You need both these “wings” for your jazz journey to take flight

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I once attended a masterclass by the incredible virtuoso Czech guitarist, Pavel Steidl. I’ll never forget what he told one of the students in the session:

“If you have great technique but no musicality, you will die a poor musician. If you have great musicality but no technique, you will die a poor musician”.

It’s good to meditate on this phrase for a while – it holds the secret to mastering jazz.

You need both the wings of musicality and technique to have your jazz guitar journey take flight.

Mastering technique is one of those “wings”.

Too often, jazz guitarists are going about developing their technique via the ‘scenic route’ (at best), without addressing the core principles of how to rapidly improve your technique on the guitar.

But – no longer.

My new course, “The Total Technique Roadmap For Jazz Guitar”, is open for bookings. Exciting!

In case you haven’t yet, find out more about the course here:

Greg O’Rourke,
Founder, Fret Dojo

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