You might be suffering from this condition and not even realise it…

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Recently I was reading David Schwartz’s book, “The Magic of Thinking Big”.

Even though this isn’t about jazz guitar or music at all, it mentioned something that really struck a chord with me.

Do you know what it was?


This is a terrible malady that affects countless people worldwide.

The worst part?

A lot of people don’t even realize that they have this insidious disease.

Symptoms include the following:

“I’d love to get better at jazz guitar, but I just don’t have the time…”

“I wish I had time to practice more…”

“Those other guys seem to be able to have all the time in the day, I wish I was in their situation…”

On and on it goes.

This horrible illness affects everything you do. It causes you to self-sabotage yourself, and to continually fall short of your goals and dreams.

Now let me ask you this:

Are YOU thinking like this at the moment when it comes to your jazz guitar playing?

If so, you need to stop. Right now.

Remember – the way we think shapes our reality. If you continually think “I don’t have any time for such and such…”, guess what happens?

Hey presto…it seems as though you won’t have any time!

Now let me let you in on a little secret:

To quote American conductor Leonard Bernstein:

“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.”

If you structure your practice carefully, follow a clear set of step-by-step instructions, and you have well-defined goals to work towards, you can make great progress with your jazz guitar playing – even if you have limited time.

The best part?

My new program, The FretDojo Academy Club, gives you all of these things – a clear, concise set of lessons on a new jazz standard each month, along with a community of like-minded jazz guitarists from all around the world.

Think of the time you’ll save by not having to gather all the “puzzle pieces” together for each new tune you learn. It’s all done for you, step-by-step in the new Club.

Get access to the Club here:

Now the exciting bit:

If you're keen to have a structured, step-by-step approach to learning jazz guitar, it might be worth checking out my online learning system, the FretDojo Jazz Guitar Academy.

Here's what you get when you join up:

  • Detailed step-by-step video lessons on new classic jazz tunes and essential jazz guitar skills added to the club website each month. Includes listening recommendations, demonstrations of the melody, analysis of the harmony, and detailed explanations on how to solo over the tune.
  • Key improvisation concepts and techniques for soloing, and classic licks and example solos that relate to each tune, so you can continue to expand your jazz vocabulary and have more options when it comes to soloing.
  • Detailed comping ideas to suit the style of each jazz standard covered
  • Lessons on how to make chord melody and solo jazz guitar versions of tunes featured - play a complete jazz standard completely on your own like Joe Pass!
  • Members only forum - A worldwide community of jazz guitarists from all around the globe.
  • Regular workshops, masterclasses, and Q & A Sessions - get direct answers from me on anything holding you back in the practice room. Replays of all sessions are available to access for all members even if you can’t make it live.
  • Massive searchable database of jazz licks and soloing concepts - the ultimate idea "grab bag" for your solos.
  • Optional monthly challenges where members participate to get feedback on their playing, reach new milestones and be eligible for cool prizes.

The best part:

You can access this all of this and more for just $1 by signing up to a 14 day trial. Go here for more info:

Strike while the iron’s hot,



Greg O’Rourke,

Founder, Fret Dojo

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