World #1 guitar virtuoso – in only 30 minutes a day

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Check out this video:

This is some incredible solo guitar playing by the great John Williams, for a long time the undisputed world #1 when it came to classical guitar.

Now, let me tell you a little story…

Many years ago, when I was honing my solo guitar skills by studying classical style, this guy was my idol. John Williams’ technique was, simply put, flawless.

I remember going to live concerts where I witnessed him playing a full two hours of incredibly difficult solo guitar music, literally without missing a single note.

Now, of course, that’s impressive – but wait till you hear this.

There’s something quite unusual about John Williams.

According to one of my teachers that had the chance to associate with Williams closely, he hardly practiced that much. Mostly 30 minutes a day, at best.

Remember – this is a fellow that’s recorded hundreds of solo albums and performed thousands of concerts of music that requires unbelievable technical skill, seemingly effortlessly.

“How did he do all this, with perfect technique, on such a lean practice schedule??” I used to think to myself.

From that point on, I became obsessed.

I found a concert of Williams’ on an old VHS tape and, over several gruelling months, meticulously transcribed the whole 90 minutes note for note, freeze-framing every piece of footage to get insight on how he was able to pull off these superhuman feats – and desperately seeking the “magic bullet” approach he was using to achieve this.

Here’s the thing:

It was only many years later I realized I was searching for red herrings all along. I definitely picked up some great fingering and technique approaches, but I was missing something far more important.

Here it is:

John Williams knew, with relatively tiny amounts of practice, how to leverage the natural way that the mind is designed to work to get astonishing results.

What do I mean by that?

Well, there are certain techniques you can use within your practice session (and, most importantly, *in between* sessions) to drastically increase the effectiveness of the practice you do and help make it “stick” in the long term.

Once you know how the different levels of the mind interact with each other, and learn some very simple approaches to leverage this, you can make exponential progress with your abilities on the guitar.

Greg O’Rourke,
Founder, Fret Dojo

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