Who wants a Lamborghini?

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Here’s something I want you to imagine:

Imagine cruising down the road in a brand new yellow Lamborghini Diablo sports car.

Feeling the ultra-smooth transmission with that satisfying ‘click’ sound on each gear change.

The way the car almost ‘sticks’ to the road, handling superbly and effortlessly.

And that feeling of power you get from the satisfying ‘hum’ of the engine – knowing that you “could” go from 0 to 100kph in 4.6 seconds if you wanted to….

Confidence on the road comes from owning a master crafted, carefully designed machine like this.

So now my question to you:

When it comes to guitar technique, are you (metaphorically speaking) driving a Lamborghini?

Or…a lemon?

Here’s point of all this:

Having good guitar technique is just like having a finely tuned sports car. There are no misfires, you can handle any twists and turns in the music that’s thrown at you, and your top speed is as fast as you’re ever going to need it.

So now, the best part (it’s the exciting bit):

If you’re tired of having “butter fingers” guitar technique (i.e. struggling to make chord changes, play lines at fast tempos, or not miss hit or buzz notes) then my new program, “Fast Lane: The Total Technique Roadmap for Jazz Guitar” might be right up your motorway.

To be notified when the course will be open for bookings, so you can grab your ticket to playing as fast, playing effortlessly, and developing rock-solid coordination specifically for jazz guitar, go here (enter your details in the box once you get there):


Greg O’Rourke,
Founder, Fret Dojo

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