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Thanks for your interest in the exciting upcoming release of my new course, The 30 Day Chord Melody Challenge. Get ready – the course will be opening for enrolment soon.

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– Greg O’Rourke, Founder, FretDojo.com

Learn how to create your very own chord melody arrangements for jazz guitar in this brand new online video course from FretDojo.

Have you always wanted to makes great sounding, lush arrangements of jazz standards that you love, but had no idea how to go about it?

My brand-new online course, The 30 Day Chord Melody Challenge, is a 4-week step-by-step course in which you’ll discover the secrets to creating great sounding, playable arrangements for jazz guitar.

Chord Melody is one of the most satisfying ways to play jazz guitar and has limitless creative possibilities. By learning these techniques, you can essentially be a “one man band” on a single guitar: melody, bass and harmony all at once.

How cool is that?

It’s Everything You Need To Get Started With
Chord Melody Arranging:

✅ Discover a clear blueprint for locating all the main chord voicing and qualities everywhere on the fretboard – making chord melody arranging as easy as painting by numbers.

✅ How to remove unessential notes and chords from your arrangements skillfully, to make them 50% easier to play.

✅ Easy to use chord reference guides to quickly find the most useful and playable voicings for your arrangements.

✅ How to add cool substitutions, unique textures, and more to jazz up your arrangements to sound like a pro.

✅ You’ll learn how to arrange chord melodies for both jazz trio as well as intimate versions for solo jazz guitar to enjoy on your own.

✅ I’ll reveal the same simple 7-step arranging process I use for creating your first arrangement of your favourite song.

✅ 4 modules (released weekly) comprising an A-Z roadmap to developing the foundations of chord melody arranging.

✅ Opportunity to build connections and friends with your fellow jazz guitar students all over the world

“I took a chance with Fret Dojo and it turned out to be exactly what I needed.”

“Trying to establish a strong jazz foundation has been difficult for me. I was tired of cobbling together disjointed lessons from all over creation. There are so many different lessons and hacks out there, some good but mostly not. I was spinning my wheels trying to curate my own curriculum while trying to learn jazz at the same time. What I really needed was a long term structured course.

Greg designs this course so that you have clear guidance every step of the way. I also appreciate that he makes himself very accessible for questions and feedback. Everything I’ve learned from Fret Dojo is incredibly indispensable and it also consolidated my previously cobbled together nuggets of theory.”

~ Louis B., USA

“I would highly recommend Greg’s course and teaching to any guitar player who is looking to improve their soloing skills and is seriously interested in getting quality value for their time and money.”

“I really do believe that Greg’s courses helped me to further not only my playing skills in soloing but also to become a better performing musician on guitar in Jazz and other styles as well. Greg’s positive and informative approach to teaching is inspiring. His explanations are simple but are loaded with enough information to keep even the seasoned players building and adding to their skill set. His courses are laid out in an easy to understand way that builds one concept on the other and gives his students a well rounded understanding of navigating the fretboard and in speaking the language of Jazz through their playing.

I would highly recommend his courses and teaching to any guitar player who is looking to improve their soloing skills and is seriously interested in getting quality value for their time and money. I look forward to studying with Greg again in the future in more of his amazing courses. I Hope to see you there!”

~ Bryon Thompson,

(BMus from the University of Victoria, British Columbia.)

Working Musician, and Music Teacher.

Any questions about the course? Email [email protected] to get in touch.


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