The Stella explosion

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Today I want to share a recording I’ve been listening to a lot lately:

This is the Cuban band Irakere’s unorthodox rendition of Stella By Starlight.

It has a funny story too:

Irakere seemingly got the name of Stella By Starlight mistranslated to “Stella Explosion”. However, this accurately describes this “explosive” recording.

I’m a big fan of the electric playing from this band led by the acclaimed saxophonist Paquito D’Rivera. I particularly like the way Paquito D’Rivera plays the saxophone solo on this recording that you’ll hear towards the start of this track.

In fact:

D’Rivera’s solo has been a key influence in how I approach the improvisation tutorials in my new lesson series on Stella By Starlight. You can access the lessons by joining my Club if you’re not part of it already.

Among various techniques, you’ll learn simple tricks for playing fast double time lines, and how to solo over subdominant minor chords – one of the most common harmonic situations in jazz progressions.

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