The “little-known” problem with jazz guitar books

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Do you ever feel guilty?

“…About what?”, you might ask.

You know, all those jazz guitar books that you eagerly purchased in the past, that are now sitting sadly on your bookshelf, gathering dust.

Or (in the digital sense), you likely have an entire hard drive stuffed full of helpful PDFs and eBooks, that you’ve never used.

It’s kind of like exercise equipment you buy after watching some infomercial. You use it once or twice…and then leave in a dark corner of your laundry somewhere to rust.

Just to clarify:

I’m not saying that books aren’t useful.

Far from it – looking through method books has given me great ideas for my own jazz guitar practice over the years.

But here’s the problem:

Books are missing some critical components when it comes to learning jazz guitar.

Let me explain:

To improve on a skill, you need what I call the “Three Pillars of Learning”.

These are:

– a qualified teacher,

– great instructional materials, and

– a community to motivate you, to help you stay accountable to your goals, and to be inspired by.

So if you only have a book, it’s only ONE of these “pillars”.

But now – the good news:

In just a couple of days, I’m opening my online jazz guitar learning community, the FretDojo Academy Club, to the general public.

What do you get in this Club? Simple – “The Three Pillars Of Learning” I just mentioned:

– myself as your teacher, as well as other qualified FretDojo instructors, to help give you feedback on your playing along with tips on how to improve,

– world-class instructional materials on all aspects of playing a new classic jazz standard each month (improvisation, comping, chord melody, and more), giving you the rapid path for improving your jazz guitar skills to make learning fun and easy,

– and most of all, a passionate online community of jazz guitarists from all around the world, to connect with and to support you on your journey.

So now, let me ask you:

– Are you tired of going around in circles with your learning, and instead want the secrets for making rapid, dramatic progress with jazz guitar?

– Are you too scared to play your jazz guitar to anyone because your skills aren’t up to scratch, and dream instead about wowing the crowd at your local jam session with a rock-solid set list?

– Are you sick of being frustrated with not being able to improvise, comp, or play chord melody, and want a varied set of classic jazz standards that you’ll confidently be able to play in any performance situation?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the new FretDojo Academy Club is a perfect fit for you.

Get VIP notification of when the Club is going to open its doors in just a couple of days:

Greg O’Rourke,

Founder, Fret Dojo

World Leader in Online Jazz Guitar Education

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