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“When you boil things down, what’s a chord melody? It’s simple – it’s just a melody with bass underneath, and at least one note in the middle – that’s it”.

Do you know who this quote is by?

None other than Howard Alden.

A great teacher won’t explain concepts in a complicated way, just for the sake of sounding complicated.

Rather, a true master will show you the simple path to understanding difficult subjects.

For jazz guitar, Joe Pass had this quality of simplicity in his approach.

And likewise, Howard Alden (who, as it happens, studied with Joe Pass at the Guitar Institute of Technology) also has this element in the way he teaches.

Here’s the thing:

When you have simple ways to think about jazz guitar, it frees you up to play more creatively. If you can make things easy to understand, you can comprehend the flow of the music more quickly, enabling you keep up with the changes.

Speaking of thinking quickly – I need to give you a heads up.

Enrollments to this week’s online jazz guitar clinic with Howard Alden is closing tomorrow (Thursday) at midnight USA Eastern Time (Although the workshop is on Friday, I need to finalize numbers in advance, hence the early closing time).

Don’t let this opportunity fade into a fantasy – find out more about how to join this week’s workshop below – before this offer goes away for good:

Greg O’Rourke,

Founder, Fret Dojo

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