Sex, drugs, and Christmas carols

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Here’s a summary of quite an interesting article I was reading on Music Radar today – rock and metal musicians revealing their favorite Christmas carols.

I found some of their answers pretty surprising:

* Joe Satriani – Silent Night

* Alex Lifeson – Little Drummer Boy

* Steve Vai – Christmas Time Is Here

* Joe Bonamassa: White Christmas (Bing Crosby version)

* Zakk Wylde – I’ll Be Home For Christmas

*Jon Petrucci – O Holy Night

And my personal pick:

* Steve Morse (current guitarist for Deep Purple): Christmas Secrets by Enya

As you can see, even hardened rockers have a soft spot for Christmas Carols (not to mention the rest of us.)

Anyway, if you’re keen to get a solo jazz guitar set list happening this Christmas, my new book, A Chord Melody Christmas, could be just the ticket. Not only does it have carefully notated jazz guitar arrangements of Christmas carol favorites, the new book also includes bonus recordings that are exact note-for-note-renditions of each arrangement. You can use the recordings as a useful study tool or simply as some nice relaxing guitar music to set the scene at home during this holiday season.

If you happen to have Steve Vai over for dinner this Christmas, now you know how to make him happy.

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