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Special Coaching Upgrade Offer To Fast Lane Students:

For a limited time get HUGE DISCOUNT on Online Coaching Packages with Instructor and Co-Creator of the Fast Lane course, Stuart King


This is an incredible opportunity for you.

Here’s the deal:

To a limited number of participants enrolled the Fast Lane course, Stuart King has generously agreed to offer personalized one-on-one coaching to you – at an unbelievably (exclusive) discounted rate – keep reading for all the details.

Stuart doesn’t usually offer this because he’s a full time gigging jazz guitarist and needs to carefully consider what he can spend his limited time on…

But he’s willing to make an exception for you because you are an early adopter of the Fast Lane online course.

This is a once in a lifetime chance to be able to work directly with a world leader in jazz guitar instruction – and a rare master of guitar technique.

If you’d like to nab this incredible offer (over $150 slashed off the normal price), see below.

You won’t see this offer anywhere else…and once you leave this page, this offer will be gone.

You’re only seeing it because you’re clearly a jazz guitarist that is committed to improving your skills.

This is the ultimate a way to take full advantage of the investment you’ve just made in the Fast Lane course. Imagine being able to get individually tailored advice from Stuart on how to improve your technique and relate it directly to your particular playing situation.

Sign up, and you’ll get a package of 3 x 60 minute one on one coaching sessions with Stuart King, using the latest in video conferencing technology. Times can be offered to suit your time zone and availability.

That’s not all:

You’ll also have the ability to submit unlimited questions directly to Stuart at any time in the initial 8 weeks of the course if you have questions or points of clarification about what you’re learning in the Fast Lane course.

This package is normally valued at over $400 and isn’t available anywhere else.

But – if you purchase before leaving this page you’re going to get it at a crazy bargain price of only $249 – that’s an insane discount of over $150 off!

There are limited spots for this never to be repeated opportunity (Stuart is a full time gigging jazz player), so if you’re seeing this offer, it means there’s still a few spots left.

This is your chance – to finally overcome all your technical obstacles on the guitar, and bring your playing to a pro level, through the guidance of the master himself, Stuart King.

You can make your decision below…

You don’t even have to re-enter your credit card. Simply click YES and you’ll get access to the Deluxe VIP Access Coaching Package with Stuart King for just $249.

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