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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the FretDojo Jazz Guitar Academy?

Your membership includes access to a large library of high-quality video-based jazz guitar courses, with accompanying PDFs of notation/TAB and backing tracks. The library is expanded every month to include a new course, usually focused around learning a classic jazz standard and developing your soloing, comping and chord melody skills (and more) along the way.

Joe Pass was adamant that his students ‘learn as many tunes as they can’, so I’ve followed in his footsteps and ensured that no matter what you learn in the Academy, it’s directly applicable to a specific jazz standard. That way you can build your set list alongside developing core jazz guitar techniques and soloing approaches. From time to time, we also release deep dive topics with incredible guest instructors.

You’ll also get access to regular live workshops and Q&A sessions with fantastic guest instructors and myself, and an online community with other Academy members.

Plus, we now have a huge jazz lick dictionary called the “Licktionary”: a searchable database of cool sounding jazz licks to use in your solos.

Through joining up to the Academy, you’ll have the three pillars of learning at your fingertips: a qualified teacher, step-by-step learning materials, and a supportive community.

What happens if I can’t attend the live workshops and Q & A sessions?

No problem – if you can’t attend for whatever reason, you can still submit questions in advance and I’ll respond to them in the session. I’ll then post you a recording of the session afterward so you don’t miss out.

Do I need to be able to read music?

All the musical examples include TAB alongside the full traditional music notation in case you can’t read music, so it’s not necessary to be able to read music.

Are the courses self-paced?

Yes! All courses in the Academy are completely self-paced so you can learn on a schedule that suits you.

Is there a minimum commitment? Can I cancel my subscription to the FretDojo Jazz Guitar Academy anytime? Are there any extra fees for canceling?

Access to the Academy is on a month-by-month payment arrangement. Don’t worry – you’re not locked into any months you haven’t paid for and there is no minimum commitment to joining. You can cancel your membership at any time with no extra charges or hidden fees. When you cancel, you can keep all the materials you’ve already downloaded from the Academy website and take them with you.

What skill level on jazz guitar is required?

I cater for all skill levels in the Academy courses. I achieve this by creating a wide range of videos and learning material for each course that will feature material suitable for your level. There is a range of skill level in the membership so I ensure that I cater for whatever point in the jazz guitar journey you might be on.

How is this different from the other offerings out there?

There’s a lot of reasons.

Firstly, I really care about my students, and I know how hard it is to find high-quality learning materials on jazz guitar. I’m painfully aware there is a big difference between materials that appear to help make you a better player, and those that actually do. From my experience, it takes far more time, thought and energy to create materials that actually help students achieve their goals rather than pretend to.

I want you to succeed and be happy with your jazz guitar playing, so I put a great deal more effort into my lessons than others do. I also strive to have a clear, step-by-step approach to teaching in order to make the learning process as easy as possible for you.

The result: I believe my lesson materials are of the highest caliber, and a big step ahead of other offerings out there.


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