This nightmare could happen to you if you’re not careful

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It’s Friday night, and you’ve finished enjoying a meal and fine wine with some of your wife’s relatives that have been visiting from overseas.

The conversation has been pleasant, but a little stiff.

Your wife realizes it’s time to break the ice, and comes out with a great idea…

“Well, I thought I could surprise everyone tonight…” she says.

Oh no, you think.

Don’t say it!

“As you know my husband practices jazz guitar as a hobby. I thought it might be a nice surprise to show off his jazz guitar skills to you all as a special treat.”

You attempt to conceal the horrified look on your face.

“Hehe… I don’t want to bore you with my attempts to play Jazz.”

“Look honey, you practice on that thing for hours. You always talk about how much you’re improving. Just this once – entertain us with one of those tunes you’ve been working on”.

A silence falls over the table, with the wide eyes of your eager audience waiting for you to bring out your instrument.

There’s no getting out of it this time.

“Okay, if you say so,” you say, managing a half-hearted smile.

Out comes your precious archtop (that barely ever ventures out of your woodshed).

“Sure I can do this,” you think to yourself.

You attempt to play a solo guitar rendition of All The Things You Are.

After several choruses attempting to play a chord melody, improvising a half decent solo, or even just playing the chords without missing notes, it’s only at that awful moment you realize that you were never prepared for this situation. Although you practice scales, arpeggios and lines diligently, you never actually learnt a tune end to end to make a complete performance.

Your previously eager audience looks uncomfortable, with their eyes now towards the floor, and your wife looks at you disappointed and confused…


Don’t let this nightmare happen to you.

Here’s the thing:

If you play a musical instrument, even for your own enjoyment, there will always be a situation when you need to perform, like the one described above.

You need to be prepared. And help is at hand:

My monthly online jazz standard learning group is your insurance against this sort of scenario from ever happening to you.

As a result of joining, you’ll always have a great, varied repertoire of classic jazz standards at your fingers tips – that you’ll be able to play at the drop of a hat in any performance situation.

Be alert, not alarmed. The Easter holiday season is looming, after all.

Here’s where to get peace of mind, before it’s too late:

Greg O’Rourke,

Founder, Fret Dojo

World Leader in Online Jazz Guitar Education


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