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Happy New Year!

This is the time for us to think about our New Year’s resolution.

For some people, it might be getting in shape.

For others, it might be improving their relationships.

However, it’s obvious what our New Year’s resolution is…

It’s about time you got your jazz guitar fitness into shape. And I’m here to help.

Today, I’ve released this month’s FretDojo Academy Club lesson series (my monthly program dedicated to building your set list one jazz standard at a time). This time, we’re tackling one of the most popular Latin jazz classics, Wave.

The new lessons include a special section on fingerstyle latin jazz comping to help get you up to speed with this technique.

You’ll also learn Lenny Breau’s secret to creating easy chord melody arrangements using only two notes. Also featured are cool tips on using easy to play arpeggios that don’t just sound like a boring exercise.

To get instant access to this month’s 14 part lesson series on Wave, as well as 50 other lessons at your fingertips in the ever-growing club library, sign up here and make your New Years resolution a reality:


Greg O’Rourke,

Founder, Fret Dojo

World Leader in Online Jazz Guitar Education


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