New Christmas Chord Melody Book Launched!

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Looking to add a touch of class to the festivities this Christmas? That same ol’ Crosby Christmas album getting a bit long in the tooth year after year?

If you’re like any other guitarist on the planet, you’re likely to be asked by family members this Christmas to play some tunes that they recognize, enjoy, and are appropriate for the occasion. So it’s important to make sure you get prepared for that inevitable impromptu performance that always seems to happen this time of year.


What better way to impress your loved ones this holiday season with some handcrafted solo jazz guitar arrangements of well-loved Christmas tunes!

My new eBook, “A Chord Melody Christmas” (released today!), features playable, carefully designed chord melody arrangements for fingerstyle jazz guitar. The style is reminiscent of Ted Greene’s groundbreaking album, Solo Guitar. This book features fully notated arrangements complete with playable fingerings and that irresistible, warm jazzy flavor – your perfect compliment to this year’s family gathering (or simply to enjoy playing on your own).


The best part:

This new compilation includes professionally produced exact note-for-note audio recordings of each arrangement in the book. You can use these recordings as a study guide, or simply so you can enjoy some holiday music to set the mood for a delicious Christmas meal or when you’re cosily relaxing by the fire on Christmas Eve.

These arrangements aren’t like those generic, boring versions you’ll find on random websites. These are high quality, handcrafted arrangements sure to impress the crowds this Christmas.

If you’re looking to add that touch of class to your family gathering this Christmas with a performance of intricate chord melody jazz guitar arrangements, this new book is for you. Check it out here:

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One more thing I want to raise with you:

Haven’t joined my online jazz guitar Club yet? Well, there’s no better time to jump in…

Get an unbelievable 40% off the price of this new Christmas eBook by taking out membership to the FretDojo Academy Club at the time of purchase.

I’ll also be hosting a special bonus video workshop this month for all Club members which will walk you through how to approach practicing these arrangements to get them ready for Christmas quickly and easily.

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Talk soon,

Greg O’Rourke,

Founder, Fret Dojo

World Leader in Online Jazz Guitar Education


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