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“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” ― Bruce Lee
I love Bruce Lee quotes.

And this one is particularly relevant to learning jazz guitar.


There’s a problem I see over and over again when students try to learn jazz.

Know all the theory? Check.

Know all the scale patterns? Check.

Know the discography of every major jazz player to grace this earth? Check.


Can they bust out a great solo?


They still struggle.

Struggle to improvise. Struggle to hold a steady rhythm feel in their comping. Struggle with playing a non-clunky chord melody.

The result?

They are too afraid to play their jazz guitar to anyone because they know it’s not up to scratch.
Why is this?

The reason:

Just knowing, in Bruce Lee’s words, is not enough.

You need to apply what you know (in the right way).

Here’s the thing:

If you want to be comfortable in any playing situation,
If you want to wow the crowd at the next local jam session,

If you want that special thrill that only comes from busting out a great solo in the heat of the moment,

Or if you simply want to play a few great sounding solo guitar tunes to your significant other and make them see why your spending all this time with this strange wooden box with six strings,

You need to DO – not just know.

In my upcoming new program, the FretDojo Academy Club, you’ll definitely have plenty to DO so you can get your jazz playing to where you want it to be.

Every single month in the Club will feature an all-new, complete end-to-end walkthrough on a classic jazz standard to add to your set list – with instruction on how to play it in a variety of playing situations (including solo guitar).

The result?

You’ll never be caught out being asked to play something on the spot, and going into an internal panic, because someone heard you were a “jazz player”.

Chord melody, single line improvisation, melody, comping – the works. (And just enough practical theory to help make sense of everything).

You’ll have monthly goals for your practice, you’ll build your set list step by step, and you’ll also have the opportunity to get feedback on your playing by an expert.

Isn’t it about time you start doing something with your jazz guitar that actually gets you to your goals? Get yourself on the early bird list to join the new Club – and make Bruce Lee proud:

Zàijiàn (see you soon),



Greg O’Rourke,

Founder, Fret Dojo

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