Jazz Improvisation Is A Skill That Can Be Learnt By ANY Guitarist.

I’m Going To Show You 
Exactly How.

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30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked
Enroll in the program, put it into action and see the results for a full 30 days. If you’re not happy, just send me an email in the first 30 days and I’ll give every penny back right away.

If you desire that rare ability to be a confident, fearless jazz improviser on guitar, but want the ultimate shortcut to get there, then this internationally acclaimed "A-Z" jazz guitar improvisation course will show you how.

Just imagine for a moment...

You're confident, fearless, and improvising like a pro on guitar at a jazz gig.

Or maybe you're playing to your family and friends and connecting the music that’s in your mind effortlessly to your hands on the fretboard.

Here’s the thing:

There is a way. And it’s easier than you might think.

Learning Jazz Guitar Improvisation Has Never Been This Easy.

My online course, The Fundamentals of Jazz Guitar Improvisation is a revolutionary step-by-step 10 week program in which you’ll learn how to improvise confidently and musically over five classic jazz standards – which feature the most common chord progressions of the jazz language.


9 Hours of pre-recorded video lessons with accompanying backing tracks, diagrams, and sheet music. Watch the video lessons anytime, from any device!


Every lesson includes a step-by-step checklist to keep your study and guitar practice on track.


Regular opportunities to submit examples of your playing for feedback. Participate as much or as little as you like.


Get your burning questions answered by Greg and other senior students – so you can be confident you are practicing effectively.


Connect with your fellow students participating in the course across the world, so you can discuss the curriculum in a helpful and safe environment.


Get official recognition for completing the course, by completing key milestones along the way.

See what past students have to say:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I have to say that at first I was a little skeptical of Greg’s claims about the effectiveness of the course, but after having completed the course I would say that it is a remarkable undertaking he has accomplished. I would say that this course is a GAME CHANGER for an introduction to jazz guitar."

Josh Gordis, USA

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I’ve participated in TWO 12 week courses with an internationally famous music university…I can safely say the investment in lessons with Greg has been worth more than 95% of all the other formal and informal education I’ve managed to derive for myself.”

Gordon Hooper, South Africa

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“If you all have loads of books that make no sense that you never use, Greg breaks it down and makes it useable. This is unlike any course you’ve ever been involved with, mainly because Greg is so good at explaining things that I now understand that I didn’t understand before. It’s a fabulous course and I highly recommend it.”

Mike Bryant, UK


This Course is The Ultimate Foundation for your Improvisation Skills

It’s not hard to learn how to do this. It’s actually EASY – you just need the right recipe, and a step-by-step method.


** Bonus Offer For This Release - Live Q & A Sessions With Greg**

Greg will be available to hold interactive Q&A sessions throughout the program for this release of the course! Get your questions answered in real time and discuss the course content with your fellow students - an incredible opportunity to work directly with the creator of this online program. (Replays of all live sessions will be made available to students)

What You'll Learn.

This course runs for 10 weeks and covers 6 modules of material. You also have lifetime access on all the materials – so even if you don’t complete the course in the ‘official’ 10 weeks, you’ll still be able to access all the course materials to go through at your own pace in the future.

Check out some of the topics that will be covered in each of the modules below:


First Steps (8 Lessons)

  • The key ingredients you need to be able to sound good when you improvise on guitar
  • How your mind really learns to improvise and what you may be doing wrong if you’re struggling
  • Despite what is commonly thought, jazz improvisation can be a lot easier than what people make it out to be 
  • How to learn jazz standards and licks, and tips for your practice sessions to help retain what you’ve learned.


Navigate The Fretboard With Confidence (6 Lessons)

  • A rock-solid way to navigate the fretboard, so you hit the notes that sound great in your improvisations
  • How to analyze a jazz standard to understand how to improvise over it
  • How to learn licks so you’ll never forget them, and how to be more creative with them in your soloing
  • How to use a jazz standard’s melody line as material for improvising 


Guide Tones - The Critical Ingredient (10 Lessons)

  • Why guide tones are so important for jazz improvisation
  • How to easily find guide tones on the fretboard as you improvise
  • The Major ii – V – I progression, the most important progression in jazz


Modal Jazz (6 Lessons)

  • What modes are and how to use them
  • Easy ways to solo over modal jazz tunes
  • How to incorporate more bebop vocabulary into your improvisations


The Minor ii - V - i Progression (6 Lessons)

  • A simple approach to soloing over the Minor ii – V – I progression
  • How to connect Major ii – V – I and Minor ii – V – i ideas
  • How to use Major ideas over Minor (and vice versa)


Spicing Up The Dominant 7th (5 Lessons)

  • How to make your soloing over Dominant 7th Chords more interesting
  • The importance of adding tension into your improvisations
  • How to use altered and diminished sounds over Dominant 7th harmonies

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked

Enroll in the program, put it into action and see the results for a full 30 days. If you’re not happy, just send me an email in the first 30 days and I’ll give every penny back right away.

“I would highly recommend Greg’s course and teaching to any guitar player who is looking to improve their soloing skills and is seriously interested in getting quality value for their time and money.”


BMus, University of Victoria, Working Musician and Teacher

The Answer To Conquering Your Improvisation Struggles Is Here.

The Fundamentals of Jazz Guitar Improvisation, is a roadmap for relating what you’re hearing in your head, to the sounds of the fretboard.

You’ll get a secure system for learning jazz vocabulary, but then, in addition to that, that crucial process of being able to relate that vocabulary to any fret position and any key on the fretboard.

And the best part:

Once you establish these foundations, improvisation will become a natural process for you – and you’ll finally unlock your creative and expressive potential on the guitar.

I’ll be honest with you…

It took me years to work out how to do all this. But once I worked it all out, it was so simple.

And the step-by-step process contained in this course is the exact method I used to rapidly develop my improvisation skills. In fact, I wish I’d had this course all those years ago – it would have saved me HUGE amounts of time!

By doing this new course, you’ll have the blueprint to learning to improvise effortlessly on guitar, and establishing the rock-solid foundation for the improvisation skills you desperately need.

If you wanted a shortcut to learning to improvise on guitar, you’ve just found it.

Meet Your Instructor

Greg O'Rourke – BMus (Hons), ANU

Professional Guitarist and Founder of

Greg O’Rourke is the FretDojo Academy's main instructor and the founder of – one of the most popular jazz guitar websites online today. Greg's mission is to empower guitarists worldwide with the tools to make great music by providing high quality step-by-step courses and materials.

Greg has many thousands of subscribers to his website and Youtube channel from all across the world, and is also an established author, with his book on jazz chord melody, The Easy Guide To Chord Melody Guitar becoming an international bestseller.

Greg's website has helped thousands of people improve their jazz guitar playing, and he's been featured on several high profile jazz guitar websites including Jazz Guitar Online, Fundamental Changes, and Takelessons.


What exactly is included in this course? Are the video lessons live, or pre-recorded?

The course consists of high quality pre-recorded video lessons, which you can either watch online, or download for later. You can watch the videos at any time that suits your schedule.
The video lessons come with sheet music, diagrams, backing tracks and detailed lesson plans.
At key points in the course, you have the opportunity to submit recorded examples of your playing (in either video or audio format), and get detailed and helpful feedback on how to progress.

Are the video portions of the lessons downloadable? Will I be able to keep the course materials, including the diagrams and sheet music?

Yes! All the lesson materials, including the videos, are downloadable if you want to revisit the material at a later date at your own pace. For this release of the course I've also included Lifetime Access on the online version of the course materials, accessible on any device!

Do I need any special equipment to send in the videos of my playing for feedback and assignments?

You just need a webcam or inbuilt camera on your computer, or a smartphone to record video. The video doesn't need to be super high quality, just a basic video you would get from e.g. a smartphone would be fine. Detailed instructions on how to record and upload videos are provided in the course.  

Do I need to know a lot about jazz theory in order to do the course?

No - beyond understanding what a major, minor and dominant chord is, it isn’t necessary to have more theory knowledge than that. We’ll cover the essentials you need to know throughout the course.  

Do I need to be able to read music?

It’s not necessary to sight-read music, but it would make things easier for you if you can at least ‘limp’ through notation enough to be able to figure out the basic notes and rhythms. At any rate, TAB will be provided for all the musical examples.  

I'm worried I won't have enough time in my schedule to do the course - Is there any flexibility in the pace of the course, or is the assignments/feedback on a rigid schedule?

I’ve designed the course to be a 10-week coaching program, comprising of 6 main modules. The tutorial videos and material will be released in 3 parts over the 10 week period. Every 3 weeks, there will be a short assignment to complete, with a final assignment in the last week of the course.
There will be periods throughout the course which will allow for consolidation of the material covered. For this course, I wanted a balance between the program being too rigid or too flexible in order to cater for people with busy schedules -  I’ve designed the course with these considerations in mind.  

What will this course help me achieve?

In this course, you’ll learn how to improvise confidently over the most common chord progressions of the jazz language. To do this, you’ll acquire authentic jazz vocabulary and learn how to apply it to the fretboard in a confident way.
The result - you’ll be comfortable taking a solo when someone asks you to, and you'll be happy with how you sound. You'll no longer get lost in the 'fretboard maze', and you'll start to solo in a much more melodic way – rather than just 'scientifically' by applying a bunch of scales and arpeggios.  

What if I need to go on holidays or a work trip during the course?

Don't worry - extensions for assignments are available on request if you want to still obtain the certificate for completing the course. As mentioned above, the course materials, including the videos, are all downloadable to your computer if you wish to review the material at a later date, and there is lifetime access on the online version.

What does my guitar skill level need to be for this course?

If you’re an intermediate level guitarist, this course would be a good fit for you. (Important note: It’s not necessary to have prior experience playing jazz for this course, but it would definitely help.) If you’ve been playing for at least a couple of years and have familiarity with basic chord shapes and scale patterns, then you’ll be fine. When I designed this course, I particularly had in mind a guitarist that may have been playing for some time but had never really gotten confident with improvisation or jazz skills, and was confused about how to learn it. If you resonate with this, then this course is definitely for you.  

What is your refund policy?

Your investment in this course is protected by my 30-Day 100% money back guarantee. Enroll in the program, put it into action and see the results for a full 30 days. If you’re not happy, just send me an email in the first 30 days and I'll give every penny back right away.  

I noticed you play with fingerstyle technique - do I need to know fingerstyle to do this course?

This course doesn't require a particular technique for the plucking hand. You can use a pick, fingers, a combination, or your thumb like Wes Montgomery - whatever technique you are most comfortable with is fine by me.  

Am I too old to be able to get better at jazz guitar and learn to improvise confidently?

You're never too old to learn. Don't talk yourself into that mindset. I have had an 84 year-old student take lessons with me and he went really well - so you're likely still a spring chicken in my book!  

Why wait? Start the course now!

"The Fundamentals of Jazz Guitar Improvisation online course is the course that I wish that I’d had all those many years ago when I first started trying to learn to improvise and actually sound good.

I’m so thrilled that I can offer you this online course that’s been years in the making – I believe it’s the ultimate shortcut to building your improvisation skills in the shortest possible time.”

~ Greg O’Rourke, BMus (Hons), ANU

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