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by | Mar 15, 2018 | Articles, General Updates |

I just wrapped up the latest challenge in the FretDojo Academy, and I thought I could share with you one of the member’s efforts.

Here’s Steffen Böhm with a tasty rendition of Beautiful Love that he submitted for the challenge:

What I really liked about this performance was how Steffen was experimenting and taking risks with some of the concepts we covered this month, such as the horizontal intervallic approaches, and using 2nds intervals in his chord melody. Very cool stuff.

Well done Steffen! If you’re keen on getting a monthly dose of new soloing approaches into your jazz guitar while expanding your repertoire fast like you can see Steffen doing, then the Club might be just the ticket.

Details here:

Greg O’Rourke,

Founder, Fret Dojo

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