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Imagine for a moment what it would feel like to have technique like Joe Pass, Pat Martino, or Jim Hall?

You wouldn’t have any irritating obstacles to your creativity.

Your music would start to naturally flow, completely uninhibited by the practical aspects of playing your instrument.

You would be able to confidently play to your family and friends, effortlessly connecting the music in your mind to your hands on the fretboard – without obstacles “tripping you up” all the time.

My new online course, Fast Lane: The Total Technique Roadmap for Jazz Guitar,  is a revolutionary step-by-step program in which you’ll learn the secrets of playing fast, playing effortlessly, and developing rock-solid coordination – specifically for jazz guitar.

Informed by the practice habits of some of the worlds most virtuosic musicians, this course has been designed from the ground up to give you the essential exercises and approaches for quickly supercharging your technical skills on the guitar so you can finally unlock your musical potential – and be a force to be reckoned with on the bandstand.

Fast Lane is a completely self paced course, comprising over 40 video lessons that cover every aspect of developing technique for jazz guitar. Whether it’s developing blazingly fast speed, getting better control of chord changes, or you simply want to develop more freedom and effortlessness, Fast Lane has all of this and much, much more.

The step-by-step multimedia lessons are structured with different learning pathways, according to whether you are a starting out in your technique development or more advanced. You’ll have relevant lessons suited to YOUR skill level and playing style (plectrum, fingerstyle and hybrid are all covered).

Some of the tips inside this course include: 

  • How the hit TV show Seinfeld’s George Costanza holds the secret for you reaching ultra-fast picking speed. (Remember his “do-the-opposite” theory? It’s time to put that into practice.)
  • The missing link nearly all jazz guitar students fail to realize when they are trying to “train their fingers” to build speed and coordination. (Hint: there’s a much more direct – and easy – path to take if you know this secret.)
  • How a virtuoso Australian jazz trumpeter holds the secret of improving your guitar technique with less practice – not more. (Leverage your inborn natural abilities and access the parts of your brain that you never realised existed – UNTIL NOW…)
  • The counter-intuitive approach to structuring your guitar practice so you’ll dramatically improve your technique while vacuuming your house or taking the dog for a walk. (I know it sounds crazy, but I’m serious – this really does work.)
  • The weird secret Olympic athletes know that could take your technique from novice to an expert in record time. (Cutting edge research you can use from countless studies to get immediate results. Elite athletes have known this all along. It’s madness no one has applied this to jazz guitar – until now.)
  • The 3 things most jazz guitar students get wrong about their technique that dooms them to failure before they even start. (Don’t allow yourself to make these mistakes that are, unfortunately, very very easy to make.)
  • The strangely useful knowledge of Sigmund Freud that will give you a clear framework for structuring your technique practice. (Whether you’re a fan of Freud or not, one thing he mentioned could completely transform your approach to jazz guitar practice – and HALVE the practice time you need to get results.)
  • The easy way to approach building your technique using my innovative “Technique Triangle” system (We’ve deconstructed technique into 3 easy to understand “sides” – knowing what these are will eliminate the confusion and all those unnecessary exercises that are a waste of precious practice time.)
  • How to cut out 90% of the time devoted to your technique practice and, unbelievably, get DOUBLE the results. (Hint: The key is knowing what to focus on, in the correct order – and not getting distracted by all that useless stuff.)
  • The techniques used by famous actors and directors (that most NOVICE jazz musicians are oblivious to) in order to routinely deliver stellar performances, even in high pressure situations. (You can use this in the recording studio, performing in front of people or just by yourself. When I first found out about this one, it changed the way I approached playing guitar forever.)
  • What most virtuoso electric guitarists know about increasing picking speed (that jazzers are too often clueless about), and the tricks you need to steal from them. (Ever wondered how those guys can play so damn fast? We’ll reveal all you need to know.)
  • Why those huge books full of hundreds of boring technical drills can not only be a waste of time, but even cause your technique to go backward. (Hint: Improving your technique requires you to focus on less exercises and drills, not more – but only if you’re focusing on the most important ones – like the exercises in this new course.)
  • The way to increase your top picking speed IMMEDIATELY with a counterintuitive, but incredibly effective practice approach – that takes only 5 minutes a day. (This “foolproof” method quickly worked wonders for myself and many of my students around the world).


  • A concise set of essential exercises that are guaranteed to double your speed, improve your coordination, and make your playing fluid, effortless, and EASY like never before. (Even with only 10 minutes practice per day.)

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Fast Lane usually costs $147 to the public. 

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This is the perfect opportunity for you to build your technique, at your own pace, alongside your improvisation skills. You must have solid technique in order to improvise fluidly, so this is the perfect companion for your Fundamentals of Jazz Guitar Improvisation course purchase – at an unbelievable, never-to-be-repeated discount. 

To claim this offer, all you have to do is click the green ‘Yes’ button below to add the Fast Lane technique course to your order:


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