Comping doesn’t need to be COMPlicated…

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It’s kind of ironic that jazz guitar teachers talk so much about improvisation all the time…

But there’s something, in reality, you spend loads more time doing with your instrument on the bandstand.

You guessed it:


It’s the bread and butter of any gigging jazz guitarist.

The trick with comping is:

Less is More.

Your purpose really is to be the icing on the cake of the rhythm section, providing a bit of texture and color to the mix.

Of course, all the elements need to be in place – a good stock of chord voicings, rhythmic ideas, and a steady feel.

“But how do I develop all these elements in a harmonious way, while keeping things simple and in the groove?” I hear you ponder.

Well, my apprentice, here’s the best part:

The release of a new Fretdojo Academy Club lesson series on the classic jazz standard Stompin’ At The Savoy is just about to happen.

In the series, there’s going to be a special focus on chords and comping – so you can get comfortable with your rhythm playing on the bandstand:

– Fully notatated comping studies (with TAB), with versions suitable for beginner or intermediate/advanced players, depending on your level

– An in-depth look at easy techniques you can use to bring more interest and security to your comping

– The ridiculously simple trick for turning your comping into cool sounding chord solos

– And a whole bunch of other stuff (including a tasty chord melody arrangement) besides.

We’re just putting the final touches on the lessons as we speak, so get your inroad to the Club now and hit the ground running with all the previous month’s lessons available for instant access as a bonus – go here:

Greg O’Rourke,

Founder, Fret Dojo

World Leader in Online Jazz Guitar Education


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