The NEW FretDojo Academy Club!

Build Your Set List and Take Your Jazz Skills To The Next Level:
The Revolutionary New Online Learning Community for Jazz Guitar

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  1. Michael Bryant

    HI Greg,

    I’d like to get involved with working with you and building skills and repetoire.
    After the course ended I resumed an informal jam with a pianist that I’d put on hold during the 10-week FretDojo course.

    She commented on the difference in my playing thanks to the course- what a buzz!
    I mentioned to the pianist your ’15-songs-is-all-you-need-to-gig’ idea.
    So – we got adventurous – randomly choosing three songs from IReal Pro that we had never played before
    1) twisted blues (Wes Montgomery!);
    2) Moon River and
    3) Song for My Father).

    So now we are up to 11 songs! While I’m not ready to play live yet, it won’t be long now and I can forsee this happening very soon.
    I am also keen to get chord-melody skills going and based on your excellent teaching, I’m sure this will be more helpful than the under-used books that I have around the house.

    I’m interested in the course and will be on the beach in Cyprus (!) from this Tuesday.
    But I will have internet access, and I am looking forward to your email for past participants.

    • Greg O'Rourke

      Great to hear Mike! You’re absolutely right – it doesn’t take that long to build a set list if you put your mind to it. Especially because now you have some techniques to navigate the common jazz chord progressions that were covered in the recent Fundamentals course. No probs, I’ll let you know when it’s all up and running :-) Enjoy the beach man, sounds amazing!!

    • Vagelis Germanos

      Hi Greg, count me in!

  2. Larry Peyser

    The Fret DoJo Academy Club coming to pass will meet, if not exceed, the needs, wants, desires and dreams of the jazz musician in each of us enrolled in your Fundamentals of Jazz Guitar course of study. Your detailed approach to organizing, presenting and encouraging students through scheduled assignments, individual follow up, group Q&A and member communication follows proven teaching and mentoring methodology. The benefits transfer to those who engage in the process.

    Engaged is the attribute most important to any learning experience, be it memorizing a poem, reading a book, or learning to ride a bicycle. Practiced for time sufficient for each individual the result is internalization. The club will attract those who have been and will continue to be engaged in pursuit of expanding their musical horizons. I look forward to the opportunity to participate.

    Kind regards with respect,

    • Greg O'Rourke

      Thanks for your kind words Larry – I’m very humbled by your positive comments on my teaching style. I really like what you said here about ‘engaged is the most important attribute to any learning experience’ – this is so true. If you are engaged, you are focused. If you are focused, you remember. If you remember, you can create.

  3. Bryon Thompson

    Looking forward to this new club Greg. See you soon.

    • Kim Bak

      Im one of the ones who din’t get totally complete this wonderful F. Jazz course but I went throw all the great martial, now im working from start again, just to cats up.. but this New Club will be the best way to get better and stay in the right direction.. Looking forward to this new Club:)

      • Greg O'Rourke

        Hi Kim, yes the course was a hefty amount of material so I think moving forward it would be good for you to slowly go through it at your own pace if you didn’t manage to complete the course in the 10 weeks. In the new Club I’ll often be showing you how to use material along the lines of what was in the Fundamentals course but apply it in specific situations that each new standard you learn presents – so I think it’s a very complimentary way to consolidate what you have been introduced to so far in the recent course.

    • Greg O'Rourke

      Great to hear Bryon! I’ve been busy behind the scenes getting it all ready – I’ll announce the launch very soon :-)

  4. Hans

    Hi Greg, I’m really looking forward to entering this new Club-Concept.
    Love t he way you approach difficult theme’s and make them more simple to comprehend.
    Also your personal engagement , support and feedback is of great value.
    See you soon!


    • Greg O'Rourke

      Awesome Hans, I’m looking forward to this Club as well – I’ve been interested in doing something like this for a while so I’m excited to get this thing started! Appreciate your kind comments and great to hear that this particular style of learning is working for you. I’ll keep you posted when the Club will be launched – not long to go now… :-)

  5. Vagelis Germanos

    Hi Greg, I’ m in!

  6. Vagelis Germanos

    Hi Greg, count me in!

  7. Keith Freeman

    Hi Greg,

    Can you give examples of the standards you’ll be discussing?


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