“A Chord Melody Christmas!”

Brand new collection of chord melody arrangements of traditional holiday songs
Arranged by Greg O’Rourke & Per Olav Kobberstad

Digital eBook (print-friendly) |notation, tabs, & audio | Instant email delivery 

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Looking to add a touch of class to the festivities this Christmas?

If you’re like any other guitarist on the planet, you’re likely to be asked by family members this Christmas to play some tunes that they recognize, enjoy, and are appropriate for the occasion. So it’s important to make sure you get prepared for that inevitable impromptu performance that always seems to happen this time of year.


What better way to impress your loved ones this holiday season with some handcrafted solo jazz guitar arrangements of well-loved Christmas tunes!

My new eBook, A Chord Melody Christmas, features playable, carefully designed chord melody arrangements for fingerstyle jazz guitar. The style is reminiscent of Ted Greene’s groundbreaking album, Solo Guitar.


This book features fully notated arrangements complete with playable fingerings and that irresistible, warm jazzy flavor – your perfect compliment to this year’s family gathering (or simply to enjoy playing on your own).

The best part:

This new compilation includes professionally produced exact note-for-note audio recordings of each arrangement in the book. You can use these recordings as a study guide, or simply so you can enjoy some holiday music to set the mood for a delicious Christmas meal or when you’re cosily relaxing by the fire on Christmas Eve.

These arrangements aren’t like those generic, boring versions you’ll find on random websites. These are high quality, handcrafted arrangements sure to impress the crowds this Christmas.

If you’re looking to add that touch of class to your family gathering this Christmas with a performance of intricate chord melody jazz guitar arrangements, this new book is for you.


Video: Example Of What YOU Will Be Able To Do With This New Book!

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside. Check out the video below for a ‘jazzified’ version of the well-loved Christmas carol, “Away In A Manger”. This tune needs no introduction, but you might be surprised how much like Joe Pass you can make this tune sound with a few jazz harmony tricks:

Here’s What You Get With “A Chord Melody Christmas” eBook:

✅ 5 classic Christmas songs arranged for chord melody jazz guitar: Away In A Manger, O Christmas Tree, Carol Of The Bells, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, and The First Noel – arranged for chord melody jazz guitar

✅ Easy to print or view on any device or computer

✅ Notation, TAB, and detailed fingerings where necessary to make learning the arrangements easy and fun

✅ A professionally produced album of exact note-for-note renditions of the arrangements, to help with your practice (or just to enjoy listening while relaxing at home!)

✅ Bonus video workshop where I’ll run you through practice techniques and tips for quickly getting each of these chord melody arrangements under your fingers (FretDojo Academy Club members only)

✅ Everything you need to create a convincing solo jazz guitar Christmas set list

✅ All for one low price!



All for the one low price of $17.95 –
Download your copy of “A Chord Melody Christmas” today:

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I’ll also be hosting a special bonus video workshop this month for all Club members which will walk you through how to approach practicing these arrangements to get them ready for Christmas quickly and easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What skill level is required to play these arrangements?

A: Although these arrangements aren’t suitable for beginner guitarists, they would be very suitable for an early to late intermediate level of skill (E.g. if you’ve been playing guitar for some years). 


Q: Do I need to know fingerstyle techniques to play these arrangements?

A: Due to the intricate moving voices in some of these arrangements, using fingerstyle techniques to play them is highly recommended, or at least hybrid picking. However, they are great studies for learning fingerstyle techniques, so they could be a great way to build your skills in this area if you haven’t had a chance to work on this technique yet.


Q: Is this eBook available as a printed version (rather than a digital download)?

A: No, this eBook will be a strictly digital download only release. The PDF has been optimized to print to paper in high quality.


Q: How do I play the audio recordings?

A: Easy – They are MP3 files so can be played by any MP3 player, or smartphone. You can also play them directly on your computer by double-clicking the audio files. Programs like iTunes or Windows Media Player can create a CD easily from MP3 files if you would like to play the recordings in an ol’ fashioned CD player.

Advance Praise For Fret Dojo

Don’t just take it from me – let my students do the talking!


– Travis English, USA

  • “I’ve participated in TWO 12 week courses with an internationally famous music university…I can safely say the investment in lessons with Greg has been worth more than 95% of all the other formal and informal education I’ve managed to derive for myself.”

“With a little bit of the right approach, one can achieve so much. I can wholly recommend that anybody who is really wanting to play jazz guitar and is struggling to get beyond “running scales” where I was, and instead start to really sound “jazzy” – this is the place for you.”

~ Gordon Hooper
Johannesburg, South Africa


  • “I took a chance with Fret Dojo and it turned out to be exactly what I needed.”

“Trying to establish a strong jazz foundation has been difficult for me. I was tired of cobbling together disjointed lessons from all over creation. There are so many different lessons and hacks out there, some good but mostly not. I was spinning my wheels trying to curate my own curriculum while trying to learn jazz at the same time. What I really needed was a long term structured program.

Greg designs his programs so that you have clear guidance every step of the way. Everything I’ve learned from Fret Dojo is incredibly indispensable and it also consolidated my previously cobbled together nuggets of theory.”

~ Louis B., USA    


“I struggled away without any clear direction, until I discovered Greg and Fret Dojo. The difference has been amazing!”

 “I’ve spent 50 years playing basic chords to sing along rock, country, middle of the road stuff. Then about 2 and half years ago I got interested in jazz guitar, a totally new experience. For those 2 years I downloaded a mountain of stuff from the internet (free and purchased)… and I struggled away without any clear direction, until I discovered Greg and Fret Dojo. The difference has been amazing!

Greg has the ability to keep everyone motivated, he’s caring, clear thinking, very talented and most importantly – he’s completely dedicated to getting the best out of all the Club members – whether newbies like myself or guys that have been in jazz bands for years.

I can highly recommend Greg and the Fret Dojo Jazz Guitar Academy Club. It’s outstanding – go for it!”

~ Alan Voss, Queensland, Australia


“This Club is a really good thing to be a part of. It’s a fantastic community of people – and all really supportive of one another.”

 “We’re all really enjoying the Club….so much enthusiasm is there from all the people from different parts of the world. You can just tell that we’re all delighted to be a part of it. We’re learning so much, every single month. It’s making me a better player, so a big thumbs up from me!

Greg himself is a fantastic teacher, by far the best music teacher I’ve ever had. And I have gone to music college for 2 years as well by the way – so I’m a good person to judge that!

What you learn more than anything is – ‘if it sounds good – Play it!’. Theory does have its place, but sounding good is the most important thing, and Greg gets you sounding good from day one.”

– Paul Flynn, UK



“Greg is one of the clearest teachers I’ve ever seen, he’s made really complicated things easy to understand.”

 “The main thing I have gotten out of the Fret Dojo Academy Club, is that it has given me the confidence to go out and find a piano player, and a bass player who play jazz. And now, we’ve worked up a set list of 11 songs, including bebop and standards, and are about to start gigging… which I don’t think I would have done that without the help of this Club.”

– Mike Bryant, UK


“I’m becoming a better jazz guitar player and thats the bottom “jazz line”.


“Years ago I studied classical guitar and some jazz but put my studies on the side for my career. I’ve been getting into playing again for the last two years and have used online sources to learn jazz guitar with some success. Learning how to embellish chords and learning some jazz lines and parts of solos was fun and engaging but now I have found, for me, the missing ingredient: “focus” (or just “learning a complete performance”.)

Greg is a true instructor. Yes, you get harmony, theory, a transcription of a solo chorus by Greg, but Greg also keeps things moving and provides incentives to post recordings of what you have learned. I have found this great for focus and actually completing a piece of music instead of just “parts of the puzzle” out of context. This is different than providing the music material and leaving the jazz student alone to figure it out. I’m becoming a better jazz guitar player and thats the bottom “jazz line”.

– Ken Niehoff, USA


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