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I was in an online recording session with Stuart King the other day for our new course, “Fast Lane: The Total Technique Roadmap for Jazz Guitar”, when FretDojo subscriber Bob Bachman jumped in on the call…

Bob had scheduled a short session with me to ask me some questions about the new course.

He has kindly agreed to share our short conversation for all to see on YouTube.

Check it out here:


Bob was concerned that he wouldn’t have enough time for the new “Fast Lane” guitar technique course, given his other practice commitments.

I told him that if he was thinking like that, he was looking at the course in the wrong way.

Here’s the thing:

Working on your guitar technique is something that actually saves you time.

It means you don’t have to practice difficult lines as much to get them under your fingers.

It makes your speed, coordination, and effortlessness on the guitar go up a notch, which logically makes everything easier and faster to learn.

Here’s another big misconception:

You don’t need to spend that much time per day working on technique either to see great results. As Stuart explained to Bob in the video, you often get the best improvements by spending 5-10 minutes here and there through the day on technical work, alongside whatever else you’re working on.

But – only as long as you are focusing on:

1) the most important exercises,

2) in the right order,

3) with the right approach.

Greg O’Rourke,

Founder, Fret Dojo

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