“Imagine a way that you could develop EVERY aspect of your jazz guitar skills, in a convenient, all in one solution?

Well, You’ve just found it…”

Build Your Set List and Take Your Jazz Skills To The Next Level:

The Revolutionary New Online Learning Community for Jazz Guitar.

Club Details: 

  • Enrolments Open: 15th August 2017
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    ends Friday 18th August
    (enter ‘CLUB50′ at checkout)
  • First Modules Released: Monday 21st August 2017
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Let me ask you:

Are you tired of playing the same old standards all the time?

Are you getting bored with ‘going through the motions’ of soloing ideas you’ve been rehashing for the last 10 years?

Are you anxious to develop other aspects of jazz guitar, like chord melody and solo guitar, but have no idea where to start?


Do you feel ‘adrift on the ocean’ when it comes to learning jazz guitar – with a sea of conflicting and irrelevant online lessons, with no-one to bounce ideas off – and that funny feeling that you get when you’re not quite sure you’re on the right track?

Here’s the thing:

It doesn’t need to be this way.

What if I told you there was a way to supercharge your soloing, master chord melody, comping, chord soloing and more – AND dramatically increase the size of your set list?

And what if I told you that you wouldn’t need to be that lonely jazz guitarist anymore – and instead learn alongside an amazing community of jazz guitarists from all over the world?

My NEW program, the FretDojo Academy CLUB, is the answer.

The Revolutionary New Online Learning Community for Jazz Guitar.

My new program, the FretDojo Academy Club, is a groundbreaking approach to holistically developing all aspects of your jazz guitar skills, in a friendly and supportive community.

When you join the Club, each month you’ll have ‘delivered to your door’ a complete end to end set of lessons on a classic jazz standard, including the melody, listening recommendations, soloing approaches, comping techniques and more.

You’re going to have fun learning and discussing the material along with your other Club members, with lessons that use the same step-by-step multimedia format that has become a trademark of the Fret Dojo.

That means that every month, you’ll have all aspects of playing a new jazz standard under your fingers!

That’s not all:

You’ll also learn classic chord melody and solo jazz guitar techniques for each standard – which is one of my strengths as a jazz guitarist.

The result?

You’ll never feel like you’re stuck calling the same old tunes at your next band rehearsal or jam session.

You’ll always have fresh ideas for your soloing and comping, so you won’t get stuck playing the same old thing all the time.

You’ll NEVER feel like you’re not sure if you’re on the wrong track with your study. You’ll be able to ask me questions directly, and also get feedback and advice from your fellow Club members so that you can stay focussed and on track.

And through learning chord melody and chord soloing approaches, you’ll be able to pull off one of Joe Pass’ most quoted pieces of advice: “Every guitarist should be able to pick up the guitar and play music on it for an hour, without a rhythm section or anything.”

But wait, there’s more…

As a bonus, you’ll also have continued online access to the Fundamentals of Jazz Guitar Improvisation course, so you can continue to work through the online version of the course at your own pace. How awesome is that!

Meet Your Instructor: Greg O'Rourke

Meet Your Instructor: Greg O'Rourke

Professional Jazz Guitarist, and Founder of FretDojo.com

“Hi, I’m Greg O’Rourke, founder of FretDojo.com – one of the most popular jazz guitar websites online today. I have over 6000 subscribers to my website from all across the world, and am now also an established author, with my book The Easy Guide To Chord Melody Guitar that I collaborated on with my good buddy Matt Warnock becoming an international bestseller. My website has helped thousands of people improve their jazz guitar playing, and I’ve been featured on several high profile jazz guitar websites including Jazz Guitar Online, Fundamental Changes and Takelessons.

Putting all that aside, what I love doing most is jazz improvisation on guitar, and teaching it to you guys.”

What You’ll Be Able To Do From Joining the CLUB:

Here are a couple of examples of videos which demonstrate the sorts of skills you can expect to learn by joining the club.

This first video is me playing ‘Green Dolphin St’, in the context of a band. Notice how the single line and chord melody elements are mixed together in this performance: 

This next video is a solo jazz guitar version of After You’ve Gone. Like a one man band, you can still make great jazz happen on a single guitar if you have the know-how. Notice how comping, single lines, and chord melody ideas are all combined in this rendition.

Both of these videos are excellent demonstrations of what you can hope to achieve by joining the FretDojo Academy CLUB.

It’s Everything YOU Need For To Become A Complete Jazz Guitarist:

  • Detailed video lessons on a new classic jazz tune added to the club website once a month, so you can continue to build your set list of jazz standards. This will include listening recommendations, demonstrations of the melody, analysis of the harmony, and detailed explanations on how to solo over the tune.
  • Key improvisation concepts and techniques for soloing over each new jazz standard covered, and classic licks and example solos that relate to each tune, so you can continue to expand your jazz vocabulary and have more options when it comes to soloing.
  • Detailed comping ideas to suit the style of each jazz standard covered – this is something that was out of scope in the Fundamentals course so it’s important you now get this side of your playing up to speed.
  • Lessons on how to make chord melody and solo jazz guitar versions of each tune featured in the club
  • Members only forum so you can keep in touch with your fellow club members
  • Regular live workshops, masterclasses, and Q & A Sessions – get direct answers from me on anything holding you back in the practice room. Replays of all sessions will be available to access for all members.
  • Permanent online access to any FretDojo Academy course you’ve purchased, such as the recent Fundamentals of Jazz Guitar Improvisation course. That means you can revise or continue to work through the material of any course you’ve purchased at your own pace.
  • Eligibility for discounts on all future FretDojo Academy courses, guest workshops, and one-on-one coaching sessions with myself.

This Club is The Ultimate Foundation for your Jazz Guitar Skills:

You’ll have new step-by-step instruction at your fingertips so you can rapidly build your set list and soloing vocabulary.

You’ll have the encouragement, connection, and accountability that only learning in a group can provide.

You’ll be able to continue to access the Fundamentals of Jazz Guitar Improvisation course, so you can take things at your own pace and consolidate what you’ve learned.

And through learning chord melody and solo guitar approaches, you’ll have a list of tunes that you can play in any performance situation – even if there aren’t any other jazz players in your local area.

What the Jazz Greats Are Saying About Greg O’Rourke:

Greg O’Rourke plays the guitar with a beautiful touch and tone. He effortlessly brings out and enhances harmonic movement and counter-lines in his playing, while keeping clear melodic lines in the forefront. Using his considerable finger style technique he creates personal renditions of classic jazz standards. Definitely someone to watch and listen to closely!

Howard Alden

Internationally Acclaimed Jazz Guitarist, howardalden.com

There’s no doubt about it:

This new Club is what I would have loved to have had when I was running into roadblock after roadblock during my development as a jazz guitarist.

Having an instructor with a cohesive group of likeminded people, keeping you on track and accountable, is by far the best way to learn anything.

Here’s the thing (and, to be honest, I’m a little reluctant to admit this…)

People who have participated in the recent course have made exponential progress compared to those I teach one-on-one via Skype, or even, dare I say, in person at my studio.

The reason?

Apart from directly to myself, there is no accountability or community in those situations. Accountability and community are some of the crucial pillars to learning, and especially for a topic like jazz – because jazz at its core is a social music.

These days learning jazz guitar can be a bit lonely, but it no longer needs to be.

What Fret Dojo Students Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let my students do the talking!

Greg is an excellent and patient teacher and I very much enjoy my jazz guitar lessons. He has provided me with a targeted strategy for my learning and, importantly, follows up each lesson with a clear plan and materials to move forward.

Both my ability and confidence has increased since starting lessons with him and I can fully recommend Greg as a teacher.

Peter, UK

I have studied with many music teachers in the past; and Greg is the best guitar instructor I’ve ever had the pleasure to study with. He has a great knowledge of both the guitar and jazz in general.

Larry, USA

Who this club is for:

Although this club isn’t suitable for complete beginners at guitar, it will cater for all levels of jazz guitar skill.

For example, in each lesson I’ll mark which ideas are easier and are suitable for beginner/intermediate players, and which ones are more challenging for the more advanced students. If there any concepts which people are unsure about in the lesson materials or are finding too challenging, let me know and I may be able to provide follow-up instruction, exercises and tips appropriate to your level.

Whatever stage you’re at in your jazz guitar journey, this Club has something for all levels of ability!

*Special Limited Time Offer For Fundamentals Of Jazz Guitar Improvisation Alumni*

Here’s the deal:

If you sign up to the Club before midnight, Friday 18th of August USA Eastern Time, you’ll get the first month of Club membership 50% OFF the regular price.

That’s not all:

As my gift to you, as a bonus for this week only I’m also going to throw in the Fundamental Jazz Vocabulary Summary Guide, a compilation of all the vocabulary covered in the Fundamentals course you just finished, in one handy volume.

The Guide is normally valued at $20 but you’ll get it for FREE if you take out Club membership this week.

Join The FretDojo Academy Club For Less Than $1 A Day!

Get a world class jazz guitar program at the fraction of the cost of other offerings.

All prices are in US Dollars. 

Secure checkout. Privacy Protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

So is this kind of like a ‘jazz standard of the month’ club?

Yes – but better. Let me explain:

Each month, I’ll be releasing a brand new collection of lessons on a classic jazz standard for you to work on. This will help you to build your repertoire of jazz tunes, as well as expand your vocabulary by learning new soloing, comping, and chord melody approaches along the way.

I’ll be running a study group for the current standard of the month, but you’re welcome to work on any of the other tunes in the Club library at your own pace besides. You can even put the word out to other Club members to form a study group for a particular tune, and meet & collaborate regularly if you want to. That way, once the library of tunes builds up, you aren’t forced to learn a particular tune each month – you can work on ANY of the material included in the Club at your own pace as long as you’re a member. I think this is a big advantage over other offerings out there.

How will joining this Club benefit my jazz guitar playing?

Easy – let me explain.

Once you’ve established the fundamentals of playing jazz guitar, as you’ve done in the recent course, the next logical step is to take that foundation and build upon it by increasing your knowledge of tunes, and expanding your jazz vocabulary. Remember what Joe Pass said – the best way to increase your vocabulary is by learning new tunes. This is exactly what this new Club will help you to do, along with the added bonus of having a great community to learn alongside with.

Every jazz standard is different, with new harmonies and soloing techniques to learn. So, in the included video lessons you’ll be exposed to different vocabulary techniques and approaches that you can apply to your soloing and comping over each tune.

The good news? The best ideas will often be adaptations and ‘recycling’ of the fundamental skills you’ve already learned in the recent course. Remember – it’s not how big your vocabulary is, it’s how well you know how to use it ;-)

Here’s the thing:

Once you have 20 jazz standards solidly under your belt, you’ll find that you can probably start gigging. By having a larger repertoire of jazz tunes and good vocabulary ideas for each of them, you’ll find that you’ll be more confident in jam sessions. Rehashing the same 5 tunes all the time can get stale pretty quickly, so it’s important that you broaden your repertoire of jazz tunes, in order that you can have more fun with jazz and keep things interesting for you, your band members, and your audience.

So what exactly is included in the club? And what materials are offered as part of my membership?

Your membership will include access to a growing library of high-quality video based lessons on classic jazz standards. The Club library will be expanded each month to include a set of lessons on a brand new tune. The video lessons on each jazz standard will include learning the melody, comping ideas, single line soloing approaches, ways to improve your technique AND chord melody/chord soloing ideas – and more!

You’ll also get access to regular live workshops and Q&A sessions with myself, an online forum with other Club members, and of course the awesome community of guitarists that have clearly proven their worth through participicating in the recent course together.

Through joining up to the Club, you’ll have the three pillars of learning at your fingertips: a qualified teacher,step-by-step learning materials, and a supportive community.

How often will the lessons, PDFs, and videos for each new jazz standard be released?

Lessons on a brand new jazz standard will be released each month and will be added to the Club library. There will also be regular workshops and Q&A sessions held regularly throughout each month.

Can I continue to have access to the previous jazz standards covered in the club when I join?

Yes! Regardless of when you sign up, you’ll have access to ALL of the previous lessons added to the Club Library. You’ll continue to have access to all the previous jazz standards lessons released as long as your membership is active.

I really want to learn chord melody on jazz guitar. Is that going to be included in this club?

Yes! Due to popular demand with the current students of the course, I’m going to include chord melody ideas and concepts for EVERY tune that’s going to be covered in the club. I’ll also show you how to improvise with chord soloing techniques from time to time as well, which is one of the coolest things you can do on jazz guitar!

What other benefits does the club provide?

In addition to the great multimedia lesson materials that have become a hallmark of the FretDojo, you’ll also have the additional benefit of being able to interact with ME directly in the live calls. There will also be opportunities for getting feedback from me and your fellow Club members on your playing too.

Not only that, you’ll also have access to a truly supportive community, with all the friendships and good connections that have grown throughout the last 10 weeks of the Fundamentals of Jazz Guitar Improvisation course.

Are the video portions of the lessons downloadable? Will I be able to keep the materials included in the Club lessons, including the diagrams and sheet music?

Yes – for the jazz standard released each month, the lesson videos and PDFs will be downloadable. For previous jazz standards covered in the club, you can still download the PDFs (the videos for the previous months can be viewed online).

Will I be able to have continued access to the Fundamentals of Jazz Guitar Improvisation course if I join the new Club?

Yes! Due to the high amount of requests for this by current course members, I’m happy to say that you’ll be able to keep accessing all the material you covered in the Fundamentals of Jazz Guitar Improvisation course, so that you can continue to work through the convenient online version of the course at your own pace, with the added bonus of being able to ask me questions and get feedback on the course material.

What is the skill/knowledge level that’s required for being in the club? Does the club cater for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students?

Although this club isn’t suitable for complete beginners at guitar, it will cater for all levels of jazz guitar skill.

For example, in each lesson I’ll mark which ideas are easier and are suitable for beginner/intermediate players, and which ones are more challenging for the more advanced students. If there any concepts which people are unsure about in the lesson materials or are finding too challenging, let me know and I may be able to provide follow-up instruction, exercises and tips appropriate to your level.

How much practice time do I need to participate in the club? Will it be as intense as the Fundamentals of Jazz Guitar Improvisation course?

No, it will definitely NOT be as intense as the Fundamentals course :-) This Club is very much a ‘go at your own pace’ affair – you’ll have access to all the jazz standards in the Club library as long as you’re a member, so your learning can be on a schedule that suits YOU.

In terms of practice time you would need to dedicate, I would say around 30 minutes a day, five days a week would be sufficient for you to build your repertoire & vocabulary at a reasonable pace. You can achieve a lot on that schedule if you are well organized and focused in each practice session.

Will you still be giving feedback on our playing as part of club membership?

Yes! There will be opportunities every month to submit a video for feedback. There will also be opportunities at the Live Masterclass to play to me to get direct feedback in real time!

What happens if I can't attend the live workshops and Q & A sessions?

No problem – if you can’t attend for whatever reason, you can still submit questions/videos of your playing in advance and I’ll respond to them in the session. I’ll then post you a recording of the session afterward so you don’t miss out (just like how it was done in the Fundamentals course).

How much theory do I need to learn each new jazz standard covered in the Club?

It’s necessary to know at least a little theory when it comes to learning jazz and jazz standards. However, I’ll be keeping this side of things as simple as possible, so that you can have the bare bones of the theory and still be able to get straight to the point – making great music.

For those of you interested in the theory side of things, I’ll include more extended theory lessons on some concepts and licks. But if you find it’s over your head, shift your focus more to learning and internalizing the material covered, rather than the theory so much. You can always come back and look closer at the theoretical elements of jazz when it becomes more relevant to you.

Do I need to be able to read music?

It’s not necessary to sight-read music, but it would make things easier for you if you can at least ‘limp’ through notation enough to be able to figure out the basic notes and rhythms. At any rate, TAB will be provided for all the musical examples.

I’m already overwhelmed with the amount of material in the Fundamentals course, why do I need this club as well?

If you’ve been overwhelmed from the recent course, this is precisely the reason why this new Club is a good fit for you. You can continue to have convenient access to your course online, but you can now go at your own pace, with the added advantage of being able to gradually build your set list and ask myself and your fellow students questions about the material, AND even submit videos for feedback – cool huh?

How is this different from the other offerings out there?

There’s a lot of reasons.

Firstly, I really care about my students, and I know how hard it is to find high-quality learning materials on jazz guitar. I’m painfully aware there is a big difference between materials that appear to help make you a better player, and those that actually do. From my experience, it takes far more time, thought and energy to create materials that actually help students achieve their goals rather than pretend to.

I want you to succeed and be happy with your jazz guitar playing, so I put a great deal more effort into my lessons than others do. I also strive to have a clear, step-by-step approach to teaching in order to make the learning process as easy as possible for you.

The result: I believe my lesson materials are of the highest caliber, and a big step ahead of other offerings out there.

I also think this Club is different for another reason – in that there is already a strong community of players that have connected during the recent course we’ve gone through. As we already all know each other, I think it’s a huge plus, and actually the biggest asset to a program like this.

Sometimes it’s hard to break the ice when you join a new community, but I know that everyone I’m talking to here is really cool, welcoming and encouraging already. When you have a great community, learning becomes fun, easy and natural.

When will the doors to the club be open?

The Club will officially open and I’ll have the first lessons ready on Monday 21st of August. In the meantime though, remember that your Club membership entitles you to continued immediate access to any past FretDojo course purchases that you have made in the past, such as the Fundamentals of Jazz Guitar Improvisation course.


Are annual payment options for the Club available?

No, only monthly payments are available at this stage for the Club.

Can I suspend my membership to the club at any time and resume it at a later date?

Yes! Feel free to suspend your membership for any time – when you want to come back, everything will be there as you left it.

Can I cancel my subscription to the Club anytime? Are there any extra fees for canceling?

You can cancel your membership at any time with no extra charges. When you cancel, you can keep all the materials you’ve already downloaded from the Club website and take them with you.

Okay, I’m convinced. how can I sign up?

Great! You can sign up by clicking here.

Any questions about the course? Click here to get in touch.

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